What I’ve Learnt from Depression

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I did a post similar to this a while back about how to know you’re recovering from anxiety, so I thought I’d twist that on it’s head a little bit. I’m going to do a list of lessons that I learnt from struggling with depression. Now no way in hell am I glorifying struggling with depression, it’s a complete battle and half but I have learnt a thing or two during it.

Lesson 1 Not everything your brain tells you is the truth. Sometimes it fibs. Sometime it fibs a lot. You see, mental illness frazzles the brain ever so slightly and the depiction of the truth is scattered. So not everything you think or whatever your brain tells you, is factual. It’s extremely difficult to decide what your brain is actually telling you to help you or hinder you.

Lesson 2 Sometimes you truly do have to keep your mental health in mind when making decisions.

Lesson 3 Making yourself sad on purpose isn’t something everyone does normally. I am so so so guilty with this. Apparently my brain just loooooves gaslighting itself. I don’t think many mentally well people actually do that?? Let me know. But it is defintiely something that we shouldn’t be doing.

Lesson 4 Regardless of what your brain tells you, you do need other people. My brain adores telling me that everyone around me is better off without me or just simply hates me. Well they need me and I need them too. I can’t do these things on my own. I can’t push people away, I truly need them.

Lesson 5 Don’t put your faith on anyone but yourself. Whilst the point above, I did say that you need other people. You just need to know that some people cannot be trusted and only want what’s worst for you. Gotta keep an eye out for ya self.

Lesson 6 Spending too much time alone isn’t a good idea.

Lesson 7 There is no end goal. Recovery can happen but you’re some how still always going to be recovering. One minute you think you are 1000% recovered and then the next, you have another stepping stone to step over. I guess maybe everytime I say I’m recovered, I’m being too hopeful and thinking that’s it, when it’s not.

Lesson 8 Everyone’s journey is different. Simple as.

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9 thoughts on “What I’ve Learnt from Depression

  1. I am an introvert so spending time alone comes naturally to me but I do notice that if I go too many days without seeing someone, my mental health suffers as a result. It’s all about trying to find that balance. xx


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