Exploiting Power in the Youtube Community

Hiya everyone. Just before I get into this post, I thought I’d mention that I recently started a Youtube channel! I upload every Sunday (and maybe have some surprise videos as and when) so chances are, you’ve missed a cheeky upload! Please go and subscribe and show me love because it’s scary business!


I’m sure you guys are probably aware of the Chris Ingham drama going on right about now but let me briefly sum it up. Chris Ingham, a man who has a wife and kids, has a family youtube channel. He went on holiday and so did this sixteen year old girls family who were huge fans. Chris began being really creepy and kept telling her to meet him in the middle of the night etc etc. All disgusting behaviour but if you wanna read the ENTIRE story here’s the link to her Twitter. There’s a whole thread of stuff in this link where she has a lotta lotta proof to back her story.

Any who, I’m not going to say I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Ingham Family because I wasn’t. At all. I think they came to light for me one Christmas where they vlogged the etnreity of the presents they got their three children and I didn’t subscribe or anything because they personally seemed like they tried to hard to be relatable and funny and a cute lil family. But, I have been huge huge fans of other people who turned out to have allegations in relation to pursuing under sixteen year old children. EG: Veeoneeye but let’s not talk about him.

A LOT of individuals on Youtube are abusing their fame for the worst possible things. Using their fame to have access to minors or to form “groupies” and abuse their trust too. It’s kinda similar to people within the music industry. A lot of artists have been exposed to have abused their fame and power over younger people to get what they want sexually. I just don’t see why people don’t see it as a problem.

It happens a lot in the film/television industry too. Celebrities who we all trusted and adored, being shortly exposed as pedophiles, sexual abusers or rapists. It’s truly shocking. I mean, look at the likes of Woody Allen and Jimmy Saville, who were both household names for many families and well and truly used their fame for the worst things imaginably.

I think such a huge issue is the trust we have for those people. Those people assume that they can get away with their wrong doings because they have a fanbase and have a ton of people who will fall arse over tit again and again for them – to protect them. Those fans and viewers support them in everything they do. After all, those youtubers do put their ENTIRE life on the internet so we can 100% trust them, right?


They don’t put their entire life on the internet. One thing (and probably the only thing) that I agree with that Alfie Deyes has ever said is that content creators pick and choose what they want people to see of their life. After all, you are only seeing ten maybe twenty minutes of a twenty-four hour day. That’s nothing. For example, Alfie and Zoe could both film a very personal argument that they have and both could edit their own footage AND both edits would have very different outcomes. Alfie isn’t going to what himself to be portrayed in a negative light and vice versa for Zoe. I really don’t know why I’m talking about these guys right now because this post is definitely not about them.

Like I was originally saying, it’s well easy and nice to say that you know a youtuber due to the content that they put out but you truly don’t. We only know what they want us to know. This is automatically me saying that the father of this family is 10000% a child predator because he may very well not be but I’m not the one who knows who is innocent and who is guilty. Although, from what evidence we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look great for Chris and the fact that they uploaded a vlog with absolutely no mention of the allegation doesn’t really argue that he is innocent. Surely, there should be a priority of content that would help you and prove you to be innocent over content that is a very clearly not stated collaboration. But that’s another story for another day.

Just because you love someone or something, doesn’t automatically make it okay or innocent. Just because you’re an Ingham Family fan, doesn’t mean that Chris is an absolute angel who can do no wrong. Again, absolutely no one knows him so we can’t say he is innocent. All we have is the evidence given to us by the lovely girl who is very sadly involved in a horrible, disgusting situation. And I hope her the very best in getting justice if she needs it.

The moral of the story is that we don’t know who is capable of anything. No one thinks the people we love the most are capable of the most soul destroying things ever. I get that people may be fans of this family (or any individual who has had allegations or convictions about them) but that doesn’t excuse what they did. You’re allowed to be upset. I know I’d be upset if someone I was such a huge fan of had something like this (or anything else immoral) come out about them. I would be heartbroken..

There’s nothing wrong with having an idol or someone that you look up. That’s a beautiful thing.

But please don’t excuse your sadness and inability to give up supporting a person such as Chris Ingham as invalidating a potential victim who has gone through some pretty horrible shit.


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13 thoughts on “Exploiting Power in the Youtube Community

  1. Whatever persona people are putting out there on Youtube, Instagram, reality tv, etc., really is just a persona and not the whole person, and it can be pretty problematic if people don’t realize that distinction.
    I must admit, though, what grabbed me the most in your post was the line about falling arse over tit. I hadn’t heard that one before, and while it’s no stranger than the version I have heard (ass over teakettle), it’s always nice to add a good silly saying to the repertoire.

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    1. Exactly!! It’s such a dangerous thing if you don’t realise the distinction. I’d like to praise myself that my blog is pretty accurate to what I’m like, but I know my Instagram is a sugar coated version 10000%! Not everyone wants to publicly show every aspect of their life 24/7! And hahha, I’m not at all sure if it’s a phrase used in my local area?? It’s used pretty commonly here!

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  2. Well it’s definitely editing at its finest. Honestly, we have to beware, and stop worshipping these people on YouTube. We can choose to filter what we watch. Parents we need to monitor our children on the internet, first level of defense. Prime example of predators stalking children.

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    1. I think Youtube is fine, it’s just people see Youtube as an easy way to pray on children which is an issue that needs to addressed by Youtube themselves. I feel like there’s no way for Youtube to prevent those things happening though which is again, an issue. So yeah definitely, like you said, people need to be careful and fully aware who they are watching!

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      1. I agree and disagree, because with the vast growth of internet, honestly there is so much monitoring we can do. Yes privacy laws are setup, but it can haphazard because people feel they don’t need to set their own limitations. As we are a country set on freedom of speech, there are no defined boundaries when it comes to internet. The traffic increases every single second, and to be frank we, humans, dare not take responsibility for our actions or practice self control. All of these social media outlets aren’t really the issue, it’s people who abuse it.


  3. YES. THIS. so true about people only putting things they want people to see out onto the internet! it’s so dangerous to trust someone just because they have a big following online 🙈 scary that chris guy used his popularity to try & get that girl alone.

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  4. I think the problem with things like this is they know they have the power to get what they want and most of the time get away with it when really it is morally wrong and day to day people wouldn’t behave like this x

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