Three Days Three Quotes

Hiya! I was tagged by the wonderful Chantelle and Gail to do this. I am technically cheating I know because you are meant to do this a post a day for three days, but I’ll do one and forget and that would be the last you’ll see of it. So here I am doing it in one!

~ Day One ~

This is my all time favourite quote ever! I have actually posted it on my Instagram a few months back. It’s still stuck with me. I think it’s so true for anyone struggling with physical or mental health because there’s the ongoing pressure in society to be productive every single day and for some of us, that reality cannot possibly happen. Illnesses are draining and some days we cannot do normal day to day things, so it’s okay if all we’ve done is survive the day.

~ Day Two ~


I think this quote is just beautiful! It’s so true that you gotta celebrate every single victory, no matter what size or importance. It’s also crucial to remember that even if you don’t think someone’s accomplishment is important, it may mean the world and more to them.

~ Day Three ~

I love love LOVE this quote!! It’s so true because everyone is so unbelievably beautiful in their own little ways and not one person is beautiful for the same reason as another. I am guilty of assuming because one girl is pretty, that I am automatically not because I can’t do my makeup the same way as she can or because a dress doesn’t sit on my body the same way that the dress does on her. But that is something that needs to be STOPPED because I am pretty and so is she, and just because I think something looks “better” (even though that is NOT a thing!) doesn’t mean the dress looks any less prettier on me.

Those are my three quotes!! Again, I apologise for this post not being in three different posts but I knew I’d completely forget and I’d schedule one quote, and then forget about the other two. I hope you enjoyed this post nonetheless and I hope you look forward to the next one.

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7 thoughts on “Three Days Three Quotes

  1. I actually got tagged to do this a few months ago and completely forgot oops! Might do the same as you and just combine them all into one blog post. I love each of your quotes – I think the first one is my favourite. xx


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