I’m Not Always Positive

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I was writing up some of my positivity related blog posts and I sat back and it felt as though I was lying to you guys. Truth is, I’m not always positive. I think anyone would be lying if they call themselves a 24/7 positive person.

There are days when I just can’t be arsed and all I wanna do is cry and stay in my bed and cry some more. It is just a thing that happens occasionally. One thing I keep doing is reserving my Sunday’s for blog related things and Sundays tend to be the days where I burn out. I don’t want to do anything other than relax but I never let myself do that..

Just being positive is such a bad thing for you, in my opinion. As much as I hate being sad and negative, I feel like I need it sometimes. I need to allow myself to cry and mope around because otherwise I wouldn’t appreciate when I’m happy.

Humans are obsessed with constantly being happy and that’s why we struggle to open up when we aren’t. We don’t want people to know that we aren’t happy because isn’t that what you should strive to be? Whilst yes, always try to be happy whenever you can, it’s also important to allow yourself to feel sad because it can just become dangerous.

I personally truly think there is a somewhat dark side to positivity. We easily alienate our feelings to make ourselves come across as happy. Take me for example; I was writing my typical positive blog post when truly I was feeling like shit. I brushed that feeling to one side to make myself appear positive and cheery for that post.

We’re all subjected to the societal pressure to be happy. There are times when I don’t feel like I can mention how sad I am because I need to feel rosy all the time. That’s downright toxic and I’m going to try to make myself feel like that a lot less.

Positivity is key but it’s all about balance.

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18 thoughts on “I’m Not Always Positive

    1. Not at all! I used to have issues with crying, like fully couldn’t, and I used to do sad things to make me sadder to see how much it would take to actually make me cry haha! It’s probably not the healthiest lol!

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  1. I agree, we need to have days where we let ourselves cry and be sad because we learn to appreciate happiness and most of the time after a cry you feel a little better. I have been having a tough time lately as I went through my first breakup and going to work putting on a smile was hard but I’m glad I did it and had a distraction. I also like to think when you have people around you who you feel comfortable with they want to help if you’re sad and by talking about your feelings you’re showing a vulnerable side to. I don’t mind talking and being honest about my feelings but I can be selective over who I do that around. Some people may try and use your sadness against you x

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  2. I agree so much with this! We need our down moments to appreciate the happy ones. I do think that is why the “Happiest” or “funniest” people always seem to be so joyful, because they don’t want to bring other people down. Comedians are the perfect example of that, many of them have struggled with depression and other mental illnesses but have used comedy to bring laughter to people.
    I agree it is about finding that balance, and knowing it is okay to not have a smile on your face all the time. Thanks for sharing this beauty! ❤

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  3. This post is spot on with how I’ve been feeling. I just graduated college and I’ve been projecting this positive outlook on life to people who keep asking me what my ‘life plan’ is. When in reality, I’m struggling to adjust to what my life is right now since I didn’t get a ‘dream job’ post graduation. People have these expectations and then we try to live up to that, but no one but ourselves can control our lives & that’s important to remember. Allow yourself to be sad, but know that it always passes! 🤗

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