Snackin’ with Emily’s Crisps

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I got the wonderful opportunity to collab with Emily Crisps which I’m so excited for. They sent me a couple of their crisp flavours to try and I thought I’d give my honest opinion on them!

From what I’ve learnt, Emily Crisps are 100% vegetarian and vegan. Emily believes that snacks should be nutritious, healthy and still all the fun you would get from a pack of potato crisps or a chocolate bar.

So let’s get straight into it!


Flavour One: Crunch Red Apple

These were the “risky” choice that I had! I never really found fruit crisps interesting and I thought they would have been super weird. Ya know, I imagined them to have salt and vinegar apple crisps and that just didn’t appeal to me AT ALL hahaha. But I was wrong with these! They taste super sweet like apples. I imagine they are what apple slices taste like, like the dried banana slices that you can get (and I eat far too many of). But they aren’t too sweet. They aren’t overwhelmingly sweet like they’ve added buckets of sugar on them. Definitely something I was sceptical about but I’m so happy that I’ve tried something new because I 100% wouldn’t have tried them before now.

Flavour Two: Sweet Potato Sticks

As soon as I had these, I knew I’d enjoy them. I’m a huge sweet potato fan (and a huge crisp fan but that’s another story..) ((I MEAN it is this story because this blog post is about crisps but ya know what I mean)) I mean.. it’s just a sweet potato crisp really isn’t it? You can’t go wrong with them! They definitely are not bad at all. I love them! I could definitely see myself snacking on these forever and ever! They are definitely crunchier than other sweet potato crisps I’ve had, which is a bonus for me!

Those are the crisps that I got to test out for you guys and I thought I’d give them a rating! The apple crisps get a trusty 4/5 and the sweet potato crisps get a 5/5. Why? Because sweet potato crisps always win in my books hahhaha.

Let me know what you think of these crisps, if you’ve tried them before! Alternatively, if you have never tried them, do you think you will if you find them anywhere?


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