My Issue With Rainbow Capitalism

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With it being pride month, it becomes the time where every business imaginable changes their logos and icons on social media to have a pride flag within it momentarily. Like instead of the red box on the YouTube logo, it’ll be a rainbow box. Instead of the white font on the Coco-Cola is a rainbow. That sorta stuff. Alternatively, it can be big companies turning up at pride parades.

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Whilst it’s GREAT, don’t get me wrong, I can see an issue with it. It’s an issue because those companies seem to do fuck all else for the LGBT community. There’s no donation to LGBT+ charities and there’s definitely no support for the community throughout the rest of the year. I just think that the big corporate chains use the rainbow flag to gain the support of gay or transgender people during this month because it will bring in more profit. Like “oooooo this fizzy drink brand supports gay rights so I’ll purchase ten thousand!”. I totally get why people get sucked into the branding.

It happens every year. As soon as the 1st June comes around, suddenly everywhere you see is rainbow. Some places have super good intentions like the rainbow flag comes along with year long donations or ongoing support but it is disappointing when all it is is the rainbow flag.

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There’s also many brands or businesses who support the LGBT community during pride month and then for the rest of the year, donate money to anti-LGBT charities. I guess people reading this may not a couple but that’s exactly the problem. If you’re going to slap a rainbow flag on everything you sell to make it seem a lot more inclusive then at least be consistent and be pro-LGBT throughout the year too. Don’t just do it when it benefits your profit margins.

Rainbow capitalism dilutes the idea of pride festivals too. The original festivals were more protests than festivals; they were to show that the LGBT had a presence in the world and helped bring attention to the equal rights LGBT people needed. The first pride event was held on 28th June 1970, which was the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. It was a protest to stand against the atrocities that happened at Stonewall. Today pride events are more an institution with companies marketing their products with, like I said, the rainbow flag to gain some profit.

The bottom line is that I find rainbow capitalism really cute and it makes me very happy. I like knowing that even from 20 years ago, how much LGBT rights and acceptance has come along. But I get how evil it is. I’m kinda in the middle because I appreciate the acceptance but I think it should be consistent all year round and not just in June.


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18 thoughts on “My Issue With Rainbow Capitalism

  1. I definitely agree – it feels like companies use marginalised groups as a commodity for when it suits them and then just drop those same groups when they don’t stand to gain profit from them anymore.

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    1. I agree. I’ve noticed it more and more every year and not just during Pride. This year I noticed this happening with Black History Month in February. It wasn’t about supporting people, it was all about making as much money off of these groups as possible within a 30 day-ish time frame.
      Thanks for posting.

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      1. I noticed that with black history month too! It’s so annoying because companies should support minorities regardless of the time of the year, it’s so important to do so!

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      2. I totally agree with you there! I’d like to think I’m an advocate for many things, obviously I can’t do that 24/7 365 days a year but I do try! I feel like businesses should do the same!

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    1. Exactly, it is wonderful to see! When I was not “out”, I loved seeing stuff because I thought I was accepted and welcomed, when I chose to do so. But now, I’m realising how much they pick and choose when they support minorities!

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    1. Thank you!! I loovve the idea of it because I would happily buy so so much pride merch (haha) but it just doesn’t sit right with me when as soon as July 1st comes around, it’s gone!

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  2. I’ve never really thought about it before now but I agree with everything that you are saying. I don’t really follow the politics closely enough to comment on what companies are lgbt friendly and which are not but I remember the controversy over Coachella earlier this year. xx

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  3. THIS THIS THIS! I love this post so damn much and it irritates me to no end; the amount of marketing nowadays that’s designed to make companies LOOK moral, when they do absolutely nothing to help out any moral cause… It’s a really weird example but have you heard the OASIS advert that they play on spotify where they mock companies for doing that. It’s actually a really good advert – and very true xx

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    1. I hate companies that just jump on the bandwagon and make themselves out to care about an issue for just one month a year so they can rake it in. Either you support a cause or you don’t.
      As for “profiting” from Pride events the transgender group I help run cannot come to a consensus about this. We’re only a small group run by volunteers and have zero in the way of funding to support us, and so when we run a stall and a safe space at our local Pride I always look for ways that we can use the opportunity to encourage people to donate. Last year we had a Lucky Dip, a donations bucket, and we sold some rainbow armbands. This year I want to do the same (or more), but a lot of the membership are against anything other than a donations bucket on the basis that it can detract from the fact that we are trying to get our message across about what the group does to help transgender people in the area.
      It’s not easy.


  4. I hate this kind of stuff so much. Doing one thing one month, trying to get support and then when people reach out for help any other time the company looks at them like they have no idea who that person is. Disgusting.


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