Why Jamie Oliver is a Right Melon

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I wanted to write “absolute cunt” in my title but I thought that wasn’t user friendly and to be honest, didn’t want Jamie Oliver to see the title and sue me! Not like he would be reading this anyway and even if he did, not sure he would care about little old 19 year old Sophie from Birmingham’s opinion on him hahha!

As many of you guys may have seen floating around, Mr Jamie Oliver would like to ban numerous amounts of foods that he deems shouldn’t be eaten. In the past he made school meals at primary schools healthier which is fab don’t get me wrong but his new idea has taken the biscuit (quite literally)!

The gist of it all is that Jamie Oliver would quite like to ban or at least remove the ability for children, or just the general public, to eat food deemed unhealthy. Ya know the stuff; pizzas, chips, sugared cereals etc etc. This is because he wants a healthier Britain for the younger generation which is GREAT. Well done Jamie Oliver for the rare opinion that no one ever has had!!!! GO YOU!!!! I’m evidently taking the piss here. A lot of people want a healthier Britain but banning foods such as there isn’t the way to go.

There’s a lot of people out here who merely survive on those things he wants to ban. I know growing up in a working class family with three brothers led to my parents having to buy frozen ready meals because they couldn’t afford anything else. We ate and that’s the main thing right? Granted eating salads and veggies all the time would have been better for us but we never went to bed or school hungry and that is the main thing.

I know a lot of families are like that still to do this day. We are still coming out of a recession in the UK where families lost jobs and had to survive on a single income or just benefits and still do. It’s not possible to buy a ton of fruit and vegetables every week when they last half of that time and by Wednesday you have to go food shopping again. No one can afford that unless you’re super super rich like cough cough Jamie Oliver. Although in all fairness, I doubt he does his own shopping or cooking on the regular.

I personally feel like Jamie Oliver should stay in the home of a working class family where the average family has three children and have to survive on that budget that many of those families have. I’m sure he’ll be thankful that he is having a frozen cheese and tomato pizza as opposed to nothing. Maybe then he’ll realise that frozen food isn’t bad and doesn’t necessarily take away from the nutritional and health of the UK children.

The moral of the blog post today is that if Jamie Oliver really cared about the health of the UK and it’s children, he would work on more affordable healthy food ranges and not ban foods that people have no choice but to survive on. It’s all fun and games making junk food more expensive but if you’re not making healthier food cheaper, who are you really trying to help here?

Also don’t get me started on the toxic mindset you gotta have to label foods as unhealthy or healthy. Just because a chocolate bar doesn’t have the same nutritional value as a iceberg lettuce, doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. Sure, it may start to be “unhealthy” if you eat them in large quantities but isn’t that the same with everything? I just think that labelling certain foods as a food people should avoid is a little unhealthy. Saying children should avoid sweets and chocolate could bring upon a fear of said sweets and chocolates. A fear of foods leads to all sorts of things such as orthorexia or anorexia. Both not good things. I think we should work on preventing the demonisation of food groups.


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18 thoughts on “Why Jamie Oliver is a Right Melon

  1. I was reading the other day about someone who overdosed on pomegranates so I definitely agree that it is all about moderation and not about supposedly healthy and unhealthy foods. I agree that he should work on a range of frozen foods that are cheaper and healthier as sometimes I do run out of time to cook and wish there were healthier versions of food for me to store in my freezer. I’ve been buying a lot of Wicked Kitchen foods recently which have somewhat helped. xx

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  2. Technically in a small amount cocoa, aka: chocolate, is actually healthy.
    But that aside, why doesn’t he advocate for education instead of limitation? If he has this magical knowledge of how to eat a super healthy diet on a tight budget then he should share it with us. I live on benefits, if you’ve seen my blog I have some very bad financial problems at the moment due to the impulsive trait of my disorders I struggle to spend money correctly and as a result I’m lucky if I have £10 a week. There is a way to have a healthy diet on a tight budget, but that requires education that the majority of people just don’t have. It’s something they should teach at school, it would be the perfect thing to study in cooking class rather than just “this is how you make gingerbread, this is how you make stir-fry, this is how you make flapjacks” ect, most of what my school taught me to cook were fairly unhealthy and we were never educated on nutrition.
    Yes we have an obesity problem in the UK, but I think he’s ignoring that we’re not as bad as say, the USA, what are the differences? Well we banned the selling of toys in boxes of childrens cereals (I’m not sure if you’ll even remember that being a thing since I’m almost 10 years older than you and they stopped being sold when I was younger). And how we don’t allow advertisements on TV for things like happy meals from McDonalds aimed at children. Advertising makes a huge difference in what people eat, it influences us whether we want to admit it or not, so perhaps he should tackle advertisements and TV shows, for example in an episode of Coronation Street a character could have a salad instead of a burger in a scene, you’d be surprised how much that influences people. I suppose that’s why we have sponsors, like Coke-a-Cola, in shows, it influences us to want what we see.
    Sorry for rambling. Love your blog and it’s great to see someone from your age group taking an interest in these sorts of things.

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    1. Thank you so much for saying that! I feel like sometimes my age group goes unnoticed because like, what are we talking about? We’re only kids, right? But I totally agree with everything you said! I used to have toys in cereal boxes but I don’t recall having it for very long so maybe it was a very rare thing for my time!

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      1. Yeah, how would you know anything about the world that you’re taking charge of! What a silly idea! Yeah I know how that feels, it was the same when I was your age, which is why I don’t understand why people, even my age, seem to ignore the voices of those younger. I respect and listen to anyone’s opinion if they’re willing to give it, if it turns out they’re misinformed I’d rather take it as an opportunity to help educate. But you obviously don’t need that. Hopefully you continue to use your voice and then when you’re my age you’ll hopefully be able to make a difference, sadly I only recently started using my voice, I feel like I lost a lot of chances to make a change due to fear of being judged. Chances are you’re more informed than those who ignore you.


  3. HAHAHA love what you almost called this post, that’s too funny. such a good point that junky food is more affordable & definitely better than going hungry… I don’t know anything about him, but it seems like he has enough money to actually help rather than just going around trying to ban stuff lol. ALSO totally agree on the whole ‘everything in moderation’ thing!!

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    1. Hahhaa thank you! I had it drafted as that for so so long but decided against it for obvious reasons haha! I used to not mind him because he was pretty nice and made good food but he is a complete melon!

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  4. Jamie Oliver has his heart in the right place and i totally agree with you on the middle-class families not being able to eat fresh food and veggies all day. But if a nationwide initiative raises the demand for healthier options, commodities will not be so rare and thus drive pricing lower? Just a thought! Love that you delved into this topic!

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    1. That’s exactly what I’m saying! It’s a difficult situation because yeah it’ll eventually drive prices lower but what about the time frame it takes to do that? It honestly could take months because demand simply doesn’t work as quickly as people think and for those months, working class families will simply just not be able to eat as well as they used to, especially if he gets his own way and the “junk food” they rely on is banned or made more expensive !

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