Don’t Listen to the Bisexuality Myths

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I promised I was going to do a lot more pride/lgbt related posts this month due to it being lgbt pride! So here’s another! I thought I’d list a couple myths associated with bisexuality and debunk them all for ya.

1. We all want threesomes. I mean I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t think I do. And I am still bisexual! Just because we typically like both feminine and masculine people doesn’t mean we’ll automatically fulfil your dream of having sex with two women. Not how it works. I’m not denying that some bisexual people may want a threesome but that’s no reflection on their sexuality as such, it’s more so what they want to do as a person.

2. We are all 50/50. Not at all true. You can be a bisexual woman and have a preference for men and still be bi. You can be a bisexual man and have a preference for women and still be bi. You can like 90% the same gender and 10% the opposite and still be bi. There’s no one cookie cut way of being bisexual.

3. We’re in denial of being gay. Bisexuals aren’t just gay people with one foot out of the closet. Of course, that may be an accurate assessment for many people who are not ready to embrace homosexuality, but it isn’t for all of us!

4. OR that we are in fact straight looking for attention. I’ve heard this a couple times myself. I think this stems from how so so many women are coming out as bisexual lately and automatically that means we’re lying. This played a huge rule in me not wanting to be out and proud because I didn’t want this stereotype on me.

5. Dating a bisexual is risky, they are gonna cheat on you. This always shocks me that this is a common thought?! There is literally no proof that this is legit so I don’t know why everyone thinks it? I think it’s because bisexuals stereotypically like the whole population so people assume they will fancy everyone? Not true. As a bisexual, I still have a type just like how you have a type for their opposite sex! I like chunky cute guys and alternative feminine girls. I’m not going to cheat on the person I’m seeing with everyone that my eyeballs come across.

6. Bisexuality isn’t a thing and doesn’t exist. How can you tell a large group of individuals that they don’t exist? I get that many straight people did this to gay individuals a while ago but it still hurts that we have come so far and bisexuality is still in the shadows. It hurts even more that gay people don’t accept it either.


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12 thoughts on “Don’t Listen to the Bisexuality Myths

      1. Same! My boyfriend has made a couple of comments before that he didn’t properly mean, but I’ve had to remind him that I’m bisexual and his comment was completely incorrect – he’s more careful with the way he phrases things now haha!


  1. LOVE THIS! I feel like the ‘they’re gonna cheat on you’ thing is hugeeeeee & I’ve never understood that. I didn’t realize it wasn’t always necessarily a 50/50 thing, that’s pretty interesting! love that you talk about important stuff!!

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  2. I agree with all of this! Especially that we’re pretending for attention. I think it places pressure on bisexual people to “prove” their sexuality. Normally for girls this means proving we’re not straight but for men it usually means proving they’re not gay and in denial. Thank you!!!!


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