Why We Need a Pride Month

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This time of the year, all I see is non-LGBT people parading the same messages; “we need a straight pride” or “why do gay people need pride anymore? they have rights”. And I just want to put my two cents on this – again. I seem to be quite the opinionated individual.

It’s the twenty-first century and LGBT people have more rights than ever before, but it’s not always been like that. Same sex marriage was only legalised here in the United Kingdom in 2014. Four. Years. Ago. That’s not that long ago.

During the formation of what I know as home, there was a huge clash between homosexuality and religion. Many (I am aware many don’t care anymore) Christians believed that same sex marriage and sexual activities were sinful and back in the sixteenth century, it was punishable by death. It’s fucking scary that someone just being themselves could have been killed. There was a whole lotta conversion therapy going on here too. The 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City are often cited as the beginning of the modern gay civil right era.

In the late 1960’s, the first rights came in place, the decriminalisation of sexual activity between men. Since the twenty-first century, LGBT rights have strengthened in support because people have started realising they are people just like non-LGBT. The age of consent was equalised to opposite sex marriage. Trans people gained the right to change their legal gender in 2005. In 2005, we went from legalising civil partnerships and adoption to the full shabang of marriage in 2014.

But things still aren’t perfect. We still don’t have the same level of equality that non-lgbt people do. This is why we need pride. Intersex people still face significant gaps in protection from the government. Many LGBT+ people survive by being invisible, in a variety of countries but definitely still in the UK. Many people still face discrimination for the simple fact they are not straight.

The fact is we may not need the pride events in terms of the fact we do have a moderate amount of equality, but it’s still an issue. Wind the clock back to thirty years ago, this is why we need pride. Thirty years ago, people were being killed. In the minority, people still are but it was far more widespread thirty years ago.

Ask any teachers you know about the bullying of LGBT+ kids. The gay kids who are bullied every day for being gay. The guys who are loving typically feminine things such as make up who are bullied for “looking like a girl”. The trans kids who are far too scared to use the toilets they should have every right to use because their genitals don’t match the sign on the door.

If you’re still thinking that LGBT people do not need pride or the flag, then riddle me this. Do you get murdered or gravely injured for just being straight? Do you get genuine verbal abuse on the daily basis for just being straight? Do you ever feel alone because of your sexuality? Do you get physical abuse thrown at you for simply holding your lovers hand? I think you’ll find the answer is no. You see, we may have most of the legislation and laws put in place, but in reality, the public eye is still the real issue.


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20 thoughts on “Why We Need a Pride Month

  1. It definitely is. I have my young daughters response is highlighting it on her social media without a second thought and an elderly family member response to eye roll and I am so proud of the first 😊

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  2. This was an amazing, well-written post!
    I’m a part of the LGBT community, however I am only “out” to a select few people as even though my family “aren’t homophobic” they still make comments about the community that make me uncomfortable.
    We need pride so we don’t feel the need to “come out” just as straight people don’t need to!
    Straight shouldn’t be the default, and all sexualities should be seen as normal

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  3. I am really confused by Pride – I always thought it was a celebration of LGBT+ rights and therefore anyone can attend regardless of their sexual orientation but recently I have seen tweets of people bashing heterosexual people who attend Pride? xx

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    1. I personally have no issue with whoever attends, none of my business haha. I also feel like how do you know someone is hetero? A bi girl can be is a relationship with a guy and still be bi. The guy could also be trans so has a right to attend too. so IDK how people can judge really but idk, I think people have an issue because pride was originally a protest for LGBT rights and started as a rally for the rights we have today and like obviously straight people aren’t affected by the struggles that those protesters went through. HONESTLY, i don’t care at all who attends, as long as you aren’t being mean to people there but I guess everyone has their own opinion for this stuff! xx

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      1. I 100% agree. I think that everyone should be allowed to pretend as long as they don’t distract from the meaning of Pride itself i.e. try to make it into an event about them and not about gay rights. It is so hard to tell, especially now sexuality is considered to be more of a spectrum than black and white. xx


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