Stop Shitting on Things That People Like

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I hate the current trend (which has been around for years I can only assume) where people are constantly saying stuff like, “this and this is so overrated. i can’t see why anyone likes it. it’s shit” or “how is this so popular?”

It’s gotta stop. I just don’t agree with how shitting on things that obviously people like, is becoming something everyone does. One thing that has came to light lately has been Friends. Personally, I love Friends and I think it’s incredibly funny. However, I’m seeing tons and tons of tweets on Twitter or on any other social media platform, stating that Friends is terrible and they don’t see why THIS many people like it. I think this stemmed from Friends being uploaded to UK Netflix because I never normally saw this many hateful comments about it.

I get that a lot of things are subjective and not everyone enjoys it but I think saying things are terrible and overrated is surely just uncalled for?! Right?!? It’s just like the amount of hate that people get for shitting on the beloved Ricky and Morty (which I still don’t agree with, I don’t just pick and choose don’t worry hahaha). The amount of tweets I see moaning about how many people are shitting on that show is ridiculous. I just don’t understand how it’s one rule for their favourite shows and then another rule for Friends, which they don’t particularly like. Ya see where I’m getting at?

Another example is when people talk shit about bands that I like. My brother, doesn’t really like Neck Deep or Fall Out Boy’s new sound and that they are shit. That’s fine, I’m not asking him to adore them. What I’m getting is they evidently are not terrible artists because they sell our venues and their albums hit incredible amounts of sales. Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean they are dreadful.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my little rant because it’s been angering me for a while now. Let me know what you think! I just personally believe that anyone should like whatever they want and no one should hate on it (unless it’s illegal in your country lmfao)

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20 thoughts on “Stop Shitting on Things That People Like

  1. I agree with this, like so what if someone loves an eyeshadow palette that i hate, it’s their opinion so why call them out for not sharing the same views? I think when it comes to things like people liking donald trump i dont agree but at the same time i dont go and shit all over their views, i respect they have a different view to me and this whole bullshit needs to stop. LET US LIKE WHAT WE WANT!

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    1. Thank you for agreeing! Oh yeah definitely, I think if it’s not harming anyone then it should be fine. If someone likes the KKK or another hate group then uhhh feel feel to shit on it BUT if it’s harmless then why bother haha

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  2. I think as long as what people like isn’t hurting anyone, then let them like it. I love lowbrow art and kidrobot figures. My wife doesn’t, but she doesn’t tell me it’s shit. She loves crochet and crafting, I don’t tell her it’s shit though just cos I don’t like it. We’re all different, and the sooner the world wakes up to this fact, the easier everyone’s life could be xx

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  3. For me it makes a difference whether a person is saying something is their own view vs saying their view should be the only way to look at things. Kind of like “I don’t see the appeal of Friends” vs “I don’t understand how anyone can be stupid enough to like Friends”.

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    1. Yeah definitely, totally get you! I think the latter is the one I get most angry at because people are allowed opinions but when they judge someone else in the process, that’s a no go for me!

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  4. 100% agree! I’ve loved Taylor Swift since I was 10, and I get so many people hating on me for it and telling me how awful she is, and it’s the worst feeling to have to constantly defend the things you love.

    My boyfriend likes gaming, I don’t particularly like gaming other than Sims and Mario Kart – but I never tell him gaming is shit because I know he loves it. I love writing, reading, and poetry, but he never tells me that’s shit either!

    It’s so easy to just keep your opinions about other people’s interests to yourself, so I don’t know why people can’t just hush

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    1. I’ve been a huge Taylor Swift fan since I was in my teenage years and it was okay when she was a small artist but now she is such a huge artist, everyone needs to weigh-in with their opinions and I hate it. I will always think of her as that small country-pop artist that I fell in love with.

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  5. I 100% agree! I think as long as you are expressing your opinion in a way that does not devalue other people’s opinions, then it is okay. Everyone has different tastes – think about how boring it would be if we were all the same! xx

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  6. Hm, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I’m not going to like EVERYTHING that EVERYONE else likes ALL THE TIME and that won’t stop me from voicing my opinion. But I’m not a dick. Like, if someone is talking about how much they love something, I’m not going to sit there and have a go at them because I personally think it’s not great. I would probably cry if someone did that to me! But when I do want to talk about things I don’t like, it’s usually in a generic tweet not directed towards anyone so people can take it as it is if that makes sense…

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    1. No that’s totally what I’m saying! Fair enough I may not like something but there’s absolutely no need for me to shit talk it in full view of a person who you know totally enjoys the thing! Voicing opinions is fine but it’s a little rude (in my opinion) to be like “oh this is shit” “idk why anyone watches this because it’s shocking” etc etc like it’s a lil insensitive imo! And like you said, I wouldn’t like it if the roles were reversed either!


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