A Self Care Day #2

Hiya guys! I just wanted to remind you guys that I’ve started a Youtube channel! A new video is already up so you guys wanna be subscribed to see it! Please be nice to me hahah!

I thought I’d do a cheeky little blog post about how I personally pamper myself on a nighttime. Now this varies very time that I do this because I haven’t found a perfect way that makes me truly happy and all pampered out lmao! I did another post similar to this a while back so if you wanna see that, it’s here!

First things first on a pamper night, I run a bath. Always always run a bath! Almost always with Lush products because they smell divine!


I’d then probably paint my nails because I love having freshly painted ones. On this occasion, I painted both my toes and my hands. I used this Maggie Anne nail varnish in Unda, that they kindly sent me to test out. It’s such a cute colour and it takes one coat to fully cover the nail. Ya know how some nail polishes take a couple of coats to completely cover the nail with no see through parts. Ya know what I mean?!

I also decided to make this pie come tart thing. I kinda made it on a whim because I used things inside the fridge. For your own knowledge, I used JusRol Light Puff Pastry, white mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn – which I topped with nooch and used a barbecue sauce base. It was HEAVENLY and I loved making it.

This is what I did for my self love afternoon/night. It was very fun and lovely. I would like to do it again sometime. Let me know what you do on a self care day!

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