Cheap Vegan Meals

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I thought this type of blog post would be decent for students, people on a budget or just anyone who wants to save a bit of money.

  1. Lasagna.

    If you want a recipe for this, let me know as I can confirm, it’s 10/10. I got the lasagna sheets from Aldi and they were around 69p – I’ve used this pack four times now in this dish and I still have half left. The pasta sauce is from Asda and it’s 45p. The mince is from Asda too and it’s £1 but I only really used a small portion of the bag so it was probably around 25p worth of mince. The cheese is the smoked soya one from Tesco which is £2 but I only used a lil bit.  TOTAL COST/PORTION = £1.60


  2. Potato Gnocchi with Pesto.

    Again, if you want the recipe, lemme know. Unsure if you would want it because from the look of it, it’s pretty easy! Anyway I digress, this is potato gnocchi from asda which was 65p per pack and I used half. I mixed around 5 cherry tomatoes in it with half an onion. To finish, I added around two teaspoons of pesto (from any supermarkets). Delicious and simple! TOTAL COST/PORTION = 88p


  3. Jackfruit vegetable stir fry

    I made this a couple days ago and it was so so yummy! I loved the mixture of the veggies that I added into this because I don’t really think I eat as many vegetables as I should … oops! There was chickpeas, kale, water chestnut, peppers, sugar snap peas, carrot and jackfruit! I also sprinkled this with nandos lemon and herb sauce because damn, I love that sauce! TOTAL COST/PORTION = £2.08

All of these are so yummy and if you want any in detail recipes of these, lemme know and I’ll post them at some point! They are all pretty straight forward and that’s why I haven’t added a step by step guide but just comment below if you want them!


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