I’m Trying To Be A Better Person

Hiya everyone! I just wanted to remind you guys that I’ve started a Youtube channel! My first video is already up so you guys wanna be subscribed to see it! Please be nice to me hahah!

For the next post in the Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought I’d share how I am constantly working my ass off to become a much better person. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it – for myself and everyone else around me, but mainly myself.

1. I’m trying to take better care of my body. I’m vegan so people always assume that I’m eating okay, but that’s not true. Most of the time, I eat like shit. But now I’m making a conscious effort to eat better, but most importantly eat what I want. I’m drinking a lot more water every day. I’m allowing myself to have relaxing times rather than stress upon stress upon stress.

2. I’m being more honest about my feelings. If I’m feeling sad, I will let people know. If I’m feeling happy, I will let people know. Instead of pretending I’m ay okay and perfectly fine, I will be more open and honest about it. I may not give them the why’s and the when’s but I’ll tell the truth if I’m sad. It’s okay to be sad sometimes.

3. I’m learning to live my life to the fullest. Instead of worrying about what’s happening in the future, I’m living now. I’m focusing on now and I’m trying to stop predicting what may happen in the future.

4. I’m treating myself with a lot more kindness. I will try to love myself which won’t always happen but the most important thing is TRYING. I won’t call myself ugly or any other negative words about my appearance. I am beautiful in my own way. There’s not one single way to be attractive to someone. I won’t focus on my flaws and instead, I’ll focus on my strengths. I’ll treat myself how I would want someone else to treat me. And this is going great.

5. I am giving myself more compliments. A simple “Damn I look so beautiful in this dress” or a “my tits look amazing in this top” or a “I’m rocking this exam” goes a long way. If I don’t truly think it at the time, I will evidently and that’s the main thing. Not only will I give myself more compliments, I will give others them too. I like and comment on more social media posts – if I think this person looks cute in this dress, I shall tell them. A simple complement can change someone’s whole day and I would feel like such a better person if I knew I changed someone from having a poopy day to a good one.

That’s what I’m currently trying to do to become a better person. They aren’t perfect things to be doing and obviously it’s subjective – it depends on what you class as a good person or how well you do these things. I personally think these are helping me a lot and they may help you!


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28 thoughts on “I’m Trying To Be A Better Person

  1. Compliments are the best! I love when I give one out and you see the persons face light up. It really helps me be a better person when I do that

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  2. I really love the idea of mantras – saying something to yourself everyday until you come to believe it. You honestly are an inspiration for how much you work on your mental health. xx

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  3. I love this! I’m also trying to live life to the fullest and focus more on living in the moment instead of dreading the future or regretting the past. Glad other people can relate (:

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