Be Your Own Damn Mental Health Advocate

Hiya everyone! I just wanted to remind you guys that I’ve started a Youtube channel! My first video is already up so you guys wanna be subscribed to see it! Please be nice to me hahah!

I thought I’d do quite a few mental health awareness week posts because mental health is so important to me and I can’t not do some dedicated posts about this. Also if you’re particularly sensitve

I think it’s so so important for us to be our own damn mental health advocate. Why I hear you ask? Because we’re all we’ve got.

I’m not trying to be so sad and extra here but we really are. With how strained the NHS is here in the UK, it’s bloody difficult to get support. I know this for a fact. It’s kinda become a known thing that you only get support or care if you’re absolutely at the end of your rope. If you are so so close to breaking point, you already are. If you have tried to kill yourself or are actively threatening to do so. It just seems that that’s the only way you get support anymore.

I think this is why there’s an increase of suicides now. Because people try to kill themselves just to scream for help. On many occasions, the screams for help just go one step too far.

We need to do something to fix this and the first step is that we advocate for ourselves. I knew I needed help and I did not give up until I found it. I can’t yet that I am better or fully recovered because damn that’s a journey and a fucking half but I know I’m getting there. I know if I did not become my own fucking therapist, I would have been in a much darker place.

The moral of this post today is to focus on yourself and work on your own recovery because sometimes you’re gonna be on your own in this. I’m not saying you’re going to be completely on your own because you have your friends and family etc but sometimes you may not have professional help. With how much healthcare is in shambles, I’m not surprised.

That being said, even if you were receiving help from a professional services, you should BE YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE anyway. Why? Because there’s no harm for looking after yourself.


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23 thoughts on “Be Your Own Damn Mental Health Advocate

  1. This is so important, we all have to be the drivers of our own mental health journey. Also, I am so glad you are making videos, I wish I had the confidence to branch-out! Thanks for sharing x

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  2. I totally agree. I know first-hand how under stress the NHS is and especially with the growing population of people with mental health conditions, they just cannot handle the stress. There are so many free websites and apps coming out nowadays claiming to help so I think educating yourself in the meantime is always helpful. xx


  3. Thanks for sharing….I think we also have to stand up and start taking ourselves in hand…no one is going to help u except as u said when it’s extremely bad. We need to help ourselves… Great post


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