Stop Cutting Out Carbs, They Aren’t That Bad For You

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I thought I’d write about something a little different because I see this statement across social media and overall society A LOT and it just baffles me that people believe it. Obviously I don’t have a degree in any health related course but still, I think I know a thing or two about this sorta stuff. The statement I hear frequently is that “carbs are bad for you” or “carbs make you fat” or anything in that nature!

Carbohydrates are a type of food that your body needs to survive. Carbs are converted into glucose which your body runs off of. A diet lacking in carbohydrates is proven to make you lethargic and if you are on the diet to lose weight, will cause you to binge and thus gain ~potentially~ weight. Low carb diets can make you lose weight, but they aren’t sustainable.

Obviously I’m not telling you to stuff your body with nothing but carbs because that will make you unhealthy. Too much of anything is unhealthy. Too many fruit and veg is unhealthy, just like too many carbs are unhealthy.

It’s important to look at the different types of carbs. Crisps and cookies can be classed as carbs, so can potatoes and rice. Whilst the first bunch can be healthy and perfectly okay in small doses, the latter are a lot more healthier all round. People seems to chuck all carbs under an umbrella term when truthfully, a large collection of the carbs underneath that umbrella are very healthy. Fruit even has carbs within them!

There’s a myth that carbohydrates make you fat and that’s not entirely true. It’s typical for someone to blame their unwanted weight gain on one single thing, whether that be carbs or meat or dairy. The culprit is more in-depth than that, you must look at your diet as a whole. If you’re eating a lot of take out, the unwanted gain will obviously come. Granted take out food is a lot of complex carbs, but you have to look at the whole plate of food. Take out food is made with oils and fats. A lot of oil in day to day living is generally bad. (Doesn’t mean oil is bad. Moderation)

The final point of this blog post? Don’t cut out carbs because it will make your body unhealthy and it creates an unhealthy mindset around food. Eat whatever the heck you want as long as it’s in moderation. Make sure you eat enough carbs because otherwise you’ll be more likely to suffer from constipation. The End.

I hope you’re having a lovely rest of the day.


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24 thoughts on “Stop Cutting Out Carbs, They Aren’t That Bad For You

  1. Plus, carbs help you obtain and maintain muscle. So you want to bomb body, carbs is what you need, but it’s in moderation. Too much of one thing can effect your body or in some cases plateau. I agree with this post. Awesome! I’ll checkout your YouTube channel!

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  2. I remember growing up and being surrounded by all these women on various diets and being confused as to which diet was right and what I should and should not be eating. But the truth is that there is no one diet that will work for everyone – you have to listen to your body and what it wants. Personally I eat a lot of carbs but I also am on my feet all day and have anxiety which burns a lot of calories so I need the extra carbs whilst someone who sits at a desk all day might not. xx

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  3. Wonderful post..I believe you should follow a balanced diet. When you want to lose weight, eat a light dinner, do exercise, include more of fruits and green veggies in your diet and that should be enough.


    1. I don’t know MUCH about it and I’m definitely not a health expert but I just feel like it’s a lil dangerous! Reducing carb intake so your body has to use your fat cells to produce energy doesn’t seem too healthy in my books but each to their own I guess!


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