Signs Things Are Getting Better with Anxiety

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I’m back again with another one of these posts. I really enjoyed writing it so I thought I’d do another but about anxiety this time.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. It’s been that in the back of my brain for many a year but it’s slowly changing. I know deep down that it won’t go away completely because it’s so ingrained into my head, it just won’t happen – or at least any time soon! But I know it’s improving and I’m going to tell you some signs I’ve experienced from this improvement.

1. Having energy again. You have no idea how great it is to wake up in the morning and actually be wide awake! This is something that doesn’t happen everyday because I am still anxious most days but it happens quite often and I love it.

2. Similar to the point I made in the depression post, I can feel more emotions. I don’t just feel worried and on edge, I can feel calm and happy and loving. All emotions that I love feeling.

3. This one is something I’m feeling A LOT lately. I used to struggle with leaving the house and not having a panic attack, and now I go all over the place. There’s no stopping me. I can be in a crowded place and I don’t feel the dreaded panic kicking in.

4. This is something that many people don’t know is a symptom of anxiety but it’s severe appetite loss. Since getting a tiny bit better, I’m actually hungry. I don’t know if this has also stemmed from me recovering from eating issues I had in the past but I can eat for England now.

5. I’ve noticed that my muscles aren’t as tense anymore. Before I used to have muscle aches left right and centre but now, I get them a small fraction of the time. My breathing is also better and my heart doesn’t feel like it’s completed three marathons.

6. I actually wear clothes I want to wear instead of what I think I should wear. I used to wear clothes that allowed me to blend in with my surroundings to minimise the “showing off”. Now I choose clothes based on what I want to wear.

That’s my few little signs of me being recovered from anxiety. As I’ve said before, I know recovery isn’t linear so what you experience is what you experience and it doesn’t discredit your recovery at all.


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15 thoughts on “Signs Things Are Getting Better with Anxiety

  1. I remember when I couldn’t eat for weeks, I went to the Doctor and she diagnosed me with an eating disorder… turns out it was just all the anxiety over University! I think often it’s a side effect of anxiety that not a lot of people realise like being really short-tempered. xx

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    1. My eating issues are a range of problems I think, my anxiety and other mental health problems that cause me to see body differently than what it is, it’s well annoying but I’m glad you came to the conclusion with your eating! xx

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  2. Sometimes I think oh shit am I ever going to recover but this post made me realise that I have actually come a long way. So thank you!! I totally agree with the last point, dressing fearlessly is the best! Xx

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