Things That Annoy Me With Friends

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Before we start here, I wanna say I bloody love Friends. It’s probably one of my favourite shows in fact. But it is a very problematic and dodgy show. I wanted to highlight some things that annoyed me.

1. The blatant homophobia and transphobia jokes about Chandler’s dad. Or about anyone in particular.

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There’s a lot of blatant homophobia in Friends and I know a lot of people pass it off as being the 90s and “everyone was homophobic” but that doesn’t make it okay in the modern day eyes. There’s the huge storyline that Chandler is gay and it was constantly always made fun of – I’m talking always. Ross seems to be the worst because he doesn’t seem to express any love to his friends without it being gay (expect from the napping episode obviously!). They also use Chandler’s father as a butt of jokes a lot too. Incorrect labels are used them talking about her too and it’s annoying because just respect your parents decision in life GOSH.

2. Joey always getting mocked when he liked typically feminine things.

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There’s nothing wrong with a guy liking stereotyped feminine items like makeup, candles (yeah WHAT!?) and wearing bags. There’s a whole episode of Joey taking a liking to a handbag and it’s referred to as a “man bag” just so he would accept it. Not to mention, all of his friends mock him for it. I’m looking at you Ross.

3. Ross getting annoyed about Ben playing with a Barbie doll.

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It wasn’t funny at all. Why was it such a huge problem for Ross that his own son liked something that wasn’t reallllyyyyy something “a boy should like”. Who cares?! It literally makes my eyes roll to the back of my head in annoyance because it really shouldn’t have been a problem.

4. The mocking of what Ross liked and his career.

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As much as I didn’t like Ross throughout Friends, I pitied him in this sense. He was constantly taken the piss out of for enjoying dinosaurs and having a PHD. Like I get that people wouldn’t typically call someone with a palaeontology degree a doctor but he is one and that’s all that should matter. It just upsets me because all of the friends have their own hobbies and individual careers and they aren’t mocked in the slightest (okay apart from Chandler because no one knows what he did)

5. Ross and his attitude towards the nanny.

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I think the most annoying part of the show is when Ross is really bothered by the fact that their nanny is male. He also won’t stop asking Sandy if he is gay which is another problem. Just because a male has a typically female job, doesn’t mean they are gay. You like what you like. It’s the icing on the cake when Ross mentions that a male nanny is like “a woman being a…”. It really makes it seem like Ross thought of females and males as two different species.

6. How possessive and not a very nice person Ross was.

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He just isn’t. He’s judgemental, whiny, constantly jealous about anyone who remotely looks in Rachel’s direction and makes everything about him. To name a few. He just seems like a horrible person to date and be friends with. He got incredibly angry at Rachel when she got “engaged” to Joey after JUST giving birth and was obviously hormonal and drugged up. The whole “we were on a break” thing, yes you were but you did fuck up. He couldn’t accept that he was in the wrong ever so slightly for fucking someone behind Rachel’s back after less than a day.

7. Chandler’s constant mistreatment of Janice. 

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We get it. Janice wasn’t a good person for Chandler but it gave him no right. She may have been the most annoying person EVER but Janice has a good heart and really doesn’t deserve the shitty treatment she gets from the whole group to be honest. Chanlder just drops her at will and also goes to massive efforts to avoid her when he could’ve just told her he didn’t want to date her anymore. He also takes a lot of advantage of her and her feelings towards him when he is in need of something like sex or attention. SHE JUST WANTED LOVE. She was a nice person to the whole of the gang she didn’t deserve the ill treatment.

8. The fatshaming. On anyone, but mainly Monica.

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Monica was fat in college and we all get that. But again it’s the butt of all the jokes. Fat isn’t a bad thing and being fat isn’t a bad thing either. It upsets me that after overhearing Chandler at thanksgiving, she decides to lose weight and now she’s suddenly very attractive. Don’t get me wrong, Courteney is so attractive but she isn’t attractive just because she’s slim.

That’s all of my list of why Friends was annoying in some sense. Again, I still adore this show but sometimes I think it is crucial to explain why your favourite show is problematic when it is. Because Friends definitely is.


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25 thoughts on “Things That Annoy Me With Friends

    1. Thank you for nominating me! I think so, I won’t be doing vlogs though until my exams are over because honestly my life isn’t all that fun rn. BUT I am going to be doing what I ate in a day videos and just things I would like to do over here on my blog but struggled to do it in this format, if that makes sense?!

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  1. I agree Friends is a great show, but you are right we need to sometimes look back and call out the problems. It shows growth and a willingness to change, when we do that. I just find it so funny that most of the issues with that show all stem from Ross! I really hated when (spoiler) Rachel gave up a career for him.

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      1. EXACTLY!!! Like if the job AND the man are that important to you, you make it work. Its possible if the man supports you enough, and if he isn’t willing to support your dreams is he really the right man?

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  2. I love friends too, good points that I’d not really thought about but with the third one i liked that Carol and Susan then ridiculed Ross for being so stupid about not wanting Ben to have a barbie! x

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    1. Yeah definitely! You’d think Ross would have became more liberal after his ex wife came out as a lesbian but at the same time, he obviously hated it so maybe he didn’t learn haha x

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  3. YES! I love Friends too, but the fat shaming in particular really hit home when I saw it last. Also, how Rachael never wants Ross when he’s available, only when he’s in a committed relationship.

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  4. Although fatshaming and transphobia are problematic, as annoying as Ross is, that’s his character, nobody’s perfect. Although I do agree that his friends were horrible for making fun of liking science! He needs at least some other friends interested in that stuff, too!

    Rachel ||


    1. Yeah I get what you mean! But I wanted to post things that annoyed me with it – namely the transphobia and fatshaming. Regardless of character, gotta admit they are fucked up things to believe! x


  5. Reading this, I have come to the conclusion that Ross’ character was the main problem. I totally agree with you but I do see their point about how the show is outdated – over the last 10 years we have come so far in terms of homophobia and racism and body positivity which I feel the show does not represent. I know a cartoon in America has a disclaimer before repeats is shown to say that the show is outdated and does not represent the present views of the company so perhaps the same should be done before an episode of Friends? xx

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    1. Hahaha yes! I totally agree that they should do the same with Friends but I feel like they have that issue where “Friends is Friends, one of the most iconic shows so how can they do anything wrong?!” xx

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      1. I think everyone messes up, including the writers of Friends – we are all human after all and actually acknowledging that they have made a mistake makes me respect them more. xx


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