Am I Sharing Too Much Online?

Hiya! With being a blogger where I am extremely open about my mental health, I often get posed the question with “how are you okay with sharing that much to the entire web?” and the answer is, I’m not too sure. I am not really okay with it because if I think about how many people view this lil web corner I have, it scares me.

It scares me that this many people know about my struggles with mental health because for so long, I kept it to myself. However, the question that people ask me, I also ask myself.

Am I sharing too much online? How can people be comfortable with sharing this much online? Will there ever be ~too~ much that I’m sharing? When will I stop? I truly don’t think I am sharing too much. I’m sharing how much I want to share and isn’t that the perfect amount?!

Yes, I could write in a notebook every night, but that isn’t the same and simply doesn’t do the trick. What really helps me and honestly is why I do this little blog on this little corner of the internet, is helping others. I can write up a blog post and hit publish and within an hour or so, I’ll have tons of messages come flooding in in agreeance with me and that’s fab. I find people who completely understand how I feel.

There are some obvious things you shouldn’t share and of course, I wouldn’t dare share those online. Be it my phone number, my home address or my bank details. Those are just common sense. Bad things happen in life regardless of what you post on social media, you can’t avoid living your life because of it.

If you want to share small snippets of your life for others to enjoy, then go for it. It’s your life and it’s your decision at the end of the day so why let others dictate what you do?

Let me know what you think about sharing online? I’d like to know your opinion on it!


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29 thoughts on “Am I Sharing Too Much Online?

  1. I have a similar opinion as you. I have really yet to run across negativity with my blog. I am currently struggling with the decision to share more or not. With how young my blog is though, I am wanting to wait a bit longer before really sharing more of the issues I am facing.

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  2. Nice post! In my opinion, really, the only thing wrong with what you’re doing is not getting paid to do it (unless I missed something). You’re providing a valuable service to your community by helping us all to become aware, better understand, and fully accept that people just like you actually exist (even if there is just one of you). What you do here and have been doing is what I’ve recently begun to call Diversity Acceptance Consulting (but you don’t have to call it that, unless you want to). For a brief and humorous overview, see How to Get Paid and Save the World with Halitosis. Bad breath is only one possible example (if you don’t have it, just stop brushing your teeth and chew fish oil capsules and garlic cloves every day and you can start working almost immediately). Basically, anything and everything about you that is somehow currently being ignored, misunderstood, and rejected can become a credential for your own Diversity Acceptance Consulting practice. Hope that’s helpful!

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  3. I don’t really ever think about it to be quite honest. I feel like however much anyone wants to share is the right amount 🙂 I think it’s really cool how open your mental health posts are cuz that definitely makes people feel less alone & like they can relate to someone!

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    1. Thank you! I like to think that too! I just never know what’s too much and borderline dangerous for other fragile people to read, ya feel?! That’s why I also put a trigger warning on sensitive posts! Thank you so much!

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  4. Having spent decades hiding and trying to convince myself and world around me I’m Ok then I’d say share and share and be as open as you can. Like you I’m aware someone sometime will make a connection through the nature of the images or something I’ve said but actually really not that concerned any more – it’s more important not to be in denial and hiding.

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  5. I feel like my motto on this is “share whatever the hell you want” because i know i share quite a lot, but again there are some things i dont share online! I think theres stuff where the line is drawn where people share stuff about detailed sexual encounters and im like yeah keep that to yourself haha!! and stuff that might be triggering, i feel like things like that i dont think people should share but other than that honestly share away!!x

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    1. I love that motto! I may steal it haha!! I totally get that, I think just briefly mentioning sexual encounters is fine because it’s just sex haha but I don’t particularly wanna know the ins and outs lmfao! xx

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  6. There is nothing said on my blog that I wouldn’t say in any other space. I hope that sharing my journey can help someone with theirs. I do not think you can over share when your intentions are good, and yours are 🧡

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  7. I’m personally super open with sharing this kinda thing, but like, not with too many I know in the real world, y’know? Like, if I had a million viewers a day but none of them went to my high school, then I’d be okay with that. Does whether or not anyone irl reads your blog make a difference for you?

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  8. I try and be as open as I feel comfortable with but I am always hesitant about revealing too much about my family and friends. I feel this is my blog and it would be unfair on my friends to give away too much about them.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been too honest but then I like to think that if what I write helps just one person then ive done my job xx


  9. I’ve worried about this before because I’ve been really open and honest about my struggles. For me, seeing how my posts have helped other people makes it worthwhile.
    By the way, I’ve nominated you for a challenge over on my blog if you fancy taking part! x


  10. I write with a pen name and try to leave out any overly identifying information about myself. I don’t include any photos either. However, I try not to censor my writing whatsoever unless it involves other people. I always ask permission from my husband before posting anything personal and I really shy away from posting things at all relating to my family members – especially the ones that aren’t internet savvy.

    When it comes to my mental health, I share what I have learned or advice that has been helpful to me. Beyond that, after many years of blogging, I found that while there is some reward in getting the particulars down on paper, it usually just results in me dwelling on negativity too long. You write it, revise it, read again for edits, and then talk about it in the comments… It’s a lot.

    Additionally, right before I started blogging, I read about the issues Melissa Anelli has had with an online stalker and that scared me a bit. (She’s the webmistress of the Leaky Cauldron and has written a book about the Harry Potter fandom, and I know her most from listening to Pottercast.) She attracted a loony moderating forums on a HP fansite, so I want to be prepared for anything.


  11. Oh my! Ive been having the exact same thoughts recently. I too am very open about my mental health. I guess we just have to weigh the pro’s and con’s up. Most people suffer with mental health because of how big our hearts are. We want to share it so others dont feel alone in the world.
    Its pretty hard to stop sharing because of this reason. Xx


  12. I agree with what you are saying – I think it’s good to be open because it helps you feel supported and the more you open up, the more other people will open up with you. It is so much easier to be open over the Internet where you can hide behind a computer or phone screen than in real life. I think as long as you are being safe and not giving out your address, it should be okay. It’s always weird when people read your blog and talk about it with you in real life though haha! xx

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  13. I love this post and I struggle with it so much on a daily basis. On one hand I am more than willing to share my battles with depression on my blog but I am more anxious sharing my struggles with my actual friends on facebook for example. I have gotten some great responses and I am grateful for that but I have also felt I have turned a lot of people off. I think I’d like to go with that thought that it’s ok to share personal things as long as it’s with a receptive audience. Not everyone understands issues of mental health or writing in general. So I’d rather post a link than a long facebook post; those who really want to read it will and those who don’t can simply ignore it. Again thank you for the post. The irony is that I saw you post this article on facebook lol


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