Converting to Veganism πŸŒ±


Just a quick little announcement before I start this blog post off, I’ve created a YouTube channel!! I haven’t officially started uploading videos onto it YET but I am going to super soon and I thought I’d tell you so you guys could sub if you want to to get notified for my first ever video! Please be kind to me because I am very shy in front of the camera and I will cry if I get hate hahaha! My channel is here if you’re interested!!

I thought this would be interesting to write about as I, myself, have been vegan for quite some time and have obviously converted my lifestyle to this wonderful lifestyle! I’m not saying this is how you should convert yourself because everybody is different and can obviously do things at different paces.

I’m unsure if I’ve actually mentioned this ever on my blog, but I’m actually allergic to something in dairy products. Not lactose. I’m unsure exactly what it is but whenever I ate dairy, including lactose-free products, I would come out in terrible rashes and suffer from really dreadful back and tummy pains. Almost like lactose intolerance actually! So it was super easy for me to cut out the dairy side of my meals because I already very rarely consumed it.

I was vegetarian for around five years prior to wanting to make the change. I somehow did this overnight and I’m unsure how I did this hahaha but nonetheless, I did. I didn’t eat any chicken, beef, pork, turkey, lamb or any other meats. I didn’t consume gelatine and for some reason, I didn’t consume honey. I’m happy I already stopped and realise how bad the honey industry is (if you would like a post on this, let me know!) because that was one less thing to cut out when I wanted to make the change to vegan!

Five years later, I watched cowspiracy and earthlings. This changed my entire insight on the dairy and egg industry. I hated what I was contributed to. Until this point, I wasn’t aware of how much harm I was causing. So I started fully cutting out dairy.

This started by finding milk alternatives that I enjoyed. For me, these were Asda’s own sweetened soy milk and Alpro almond milk. Once I found these and fell in love, I cut out milk. Then, I started to find vegan cheeses I like. Unfortunately, I never found this that quickly because I was never a big cheese fan anyway and the vegan cheeses tend to over-exaggerate the cheese taste and smell. If you like cheesy things, you’d like vegan cheese! At this point, vegan yoghurts and vegan custards (and everything else in this sort of list) came into place as I found out brands I liked and stuck to trying their other goods.

Eggs were the hardest thing for me to cut out. I was a huge egg fan, which I hate so much. I used to eat eggs all the time which is why this was the last thing on my list, as such. I think after watching earthlings, I just wouldn’t stomach eggs anymore. Whenever I had them on my plate, I’d think back to the clips I saw and would be immediately turned off them! I’ve recently found a good replacement for eggs which is veganegg by follow your heart! It’s yummy when made right (I’m looking at you past Sophie) but they are quite pricey and I only purchase them when Holland and Barrett have them on sale haha. Also, scrambled tofu is a must try!!! Seasoned correctly and they taste pretty similar in my opinion.

Then obviously, I stopped consuming things that had dairy in them but wasn’t a dairy product. For example, cakes, biscuits, crisps, alcohol etc. This wasn’t that hard and I always found a perfectly good vegan replacement in supermarkets!

I’m pretty sure I did this over the course of a few months. I wanted to make the change at around October 2015 and then became fully vegan at the end of January 2016. I know this is a long time, but I wanted to take my time to find replacements for foods and not rush and end up quitting half way through, if that makes sense at all.

Nonetheless, I am very happy I have done it and I don’t think I’ll go back to not being vegan. It makes me so excited to eat meals but even now, I’m still trying new things and enjoying every minute of it.


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15 thoughts on “Converting to Veganism πŸŒ±

  1. Great job! I’ve been vegan since February but have since slackened a little. It’s nice to get a little more motivation through reading your post! Especially when everyone else around isn’t helping at all haha…


  2. I’ve been ‘transitioning’ for over 2 years now so those few months sound like such a short amount of time to me! I find it hardest to give up food with dairy inside them like cake and cookies. I hate telling people I’m vegan but if they don’t know they end up buying me food that contains dairy and I feel so bad I eat it anyway! xx

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    1. I get you! That’s the most difficult part, things that sneak dairy in them. I’m at the stage where I get annoyed when things that definitely don’t need dairy in them (like bread, wtf?) have dairy in them. It’s got the point where my non-vegan dad hates it too haha! xxx

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      1. Sorry I was trying to read your post while I was in my class at uni lol nevertheless well done for 2 years. I had a similar path to veganism, starting with dairy intolerance, but after having a baby I found it hard to continue. After a few years of being plantbased I find it easier to do 90% of the time now.

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