Myths about Anti Depressants

Hiya everyone! I thought I’d let you guys know that some myths associated with antidepressants are just that, myths. They are nothing factual and merely just something to strike fear into people’s heart about antidepressants.

1. The medication you are taking are merely just “happy pills”. I’ve heard so many people refer to them as this and it’s just not true. I avoid saying they are happy pills because it just adds to the stigma that mental health isn’t all too bad and can be fixed by some small pills. They don’t make you happier. When you take the antidepressant, it’s not like you swallow and then you’re happy. For one, it doesn’t work instantly as it takes maybe a few weeks to get in your system, but secondly, it more so just makes you more numb and prone to not feeling sad. You kinda just feel empty. It does get rid of the “laziness” side of depression and allows you to feel motivated. You can finally brush your teeth again without taking up all your energy!

2. There’s an ongoing myth that deciding to take antidepressants is a sign of weakness. Not at all true!! I find it truly upsetting that some people still believe that people with depression are weak minded people. If it was easy enough to just snap out of depression then I’m pretty sure that would happen in a flash. Reaching out for mental health problems is difficult due to the stigma that they have but it’s crucial. Please realise that you asking for support isn’t a lack of strength or willpower. In fact, asking for help shows your strength. Finding the right prescription can be a difficult journey and that’s a daunting journey as it is. I would say that deciding to seek help for mental health problems and attempting to take care of yourself is the bravest thing you can do.

3. That they change your personality. When you begin taking them, they don’t exactly alter your personality but they can lead to changes in your mood or sex drive etc. It’s not changing your personality, it’s the medication doing it’s job. Prior to taking antidepressants, a depressed person is used to feeling low and struggling with extreme fatigue, it may be so different to feel anything that is divergent especially if you’ve been struggling for many a year.

Those are a couple myths associated with antidepressants and I think it’s about time that they were debunked. Let me know if you have anymore!


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30 thoughts on “Myths about Anti Depressants

  1. Great article to start the discussion on the myths of antidepressent medication. Another big concern I had before starting to take medication was the side effect of the weight gain. Many people I knew had experienced it and it was a big fear of mine. The fear was strong enough to motivate me to take a 30 minute walk (either outside or on my treadmill) and I’m happy to say I’m in much better shape and no weight gain. Another myth that causes people to fear a very effective way to treat depression!


  2. My goodness, posts like this are seriously so important!! Thank you, Sophie, seriously. When I started taking medication for my anxiety, a lot of people in my life said that I could “deal with it” without medication and that they would change my personality, so I can definitely relate to this. I was suffering with crippling anxiety and kept skipping class/was scared to wake up. After therapy and medication, I felt lighter. Thanks for writing posts like this!

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  3. Great article! My wife struggles with anxiety and depression every day, and with the medication she takes she has the drive to take on the world, and when she doesn’t take them there is a huge difference in how she sees her self worth and what she can accomplish. Meds for anxiety are truly a modern marvel that blew the lives of untold amounts of people everywhere everyday

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  4. I was very against going on medication because that’s all they were offering me and it just works on the symptoms and not the cause but I now take them alongside therapy so that I can participate in therapy to the best of my ability and then wean myself off the medication when I’m ready. I think some Doctors are quite medication happy and need to realise that medication is not the solution, just a method of getting to the solution, in that if you stop taking the medication, you are likely to go back to the mental place you were before unless you change your mind-set or lifestyle. xx

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    1. Originally I took them until I waited for therapy but therapy never happened (still waiting lol) but I am in the progress of coming off the medication! It’s been almost 5 years and I don’t want to rely on a pill to make me happier or less anxious. I have to kinda disagree with the going back to the previous person (at least in my experience haha!) because my medication for anxiety helped me gain confidence to do things my anxiety once stopped me to do and now I can pretty much say I am 10x better than what I was when I started the medication! But that’s just me, obviously can’t speak for everyone haha xx

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      1. It depends where you live but I would recommend Ieso Health, it’s an online counselling service and they got back to me within a week whereas I’m still waiting for face-to-face therapy a few months later. xx


  5. “That they change your personality.” This is always an odd one for me when I hear people voice reasons for not taking anti-depressants. Depression has already changed my personality. No matter how we say not to let diseases define the patient or person, I am now a “person with MDD and anxiety.” It has become a part of who I am.

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    1. Definitely! Depression changed me so so much, in many ways so I’m not going to be the same person if I don’t take the antidepressants or not. I’m not going to ever be the same person I was before depression

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    2. I had never thought of it that way before, but you’re right. This was one of my primary concerns when I was younger; I didn’t want to be an artificial person or feel reliant on some substance for my happiness.

      Thank you for sharing your insight. 🙂

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  6. Very encouraging and insightful. I avoided an antidepressant for years, but am so thankful the Lord allows medicines to help with all sorts of illnesses… including mental illness. Many people suffer because of opinions others have taught them, or they learn from the world. Your post can be a great ally to someone who needs it.
    I have nominated you for the This or That Tag created by our Lovely Anita of Discovering Your Happiness. Below is the link to your nomination.


  7. Nice post! But my antidepressant never worked instead I had to find the courage from myself and resulted in not taking anymore. Sometimes we need to just make a change in our environment depending on the situation. I hated my pills they made me sleepy and I had gained a huge tummy.. It is nice to know that they actually worked for some individuals.


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