Can Veganism Sometimes Be Fatphobic?

Hiya! This post is about the vast amount of fatphobia in veganism. There’s a lot of it, whether you think there is or not. It’s ever so slightly hidden beyond the surface because everyone knows that body shaming of any kind is wrong, but that hasn’t stopped it being so loud in society.

I’m not saying it’s veganism’s fault that fat shaming is within it, because that’s not the case AT ALL. It’s not veganism, it’s society as a whole. But that doesn’t look away from the fact that fatphobia is a thing in plant-based living. You see it everywhere. On PETA’s advertisements, on just general vegan Twitter, you name it. It’s there.

I would argue that the fat shaming is created by people who aren’t vegan more so than vegans. If you’re vegan, you’ve gotta be skinny. No way in well can you be fat if you’re restricting that much SURELY. Side note: veganism isn’t restrictive in the slightest but that’s another story for another day. It’s false. You can be fat and vegan. You can be fat, vegan and healthy.

Many non-vegans assume that if you don’t fit the bill of being skinny and having -13564523% body fat then you are evidently not vegan, are you? You’re surely snicking in so much cheese in your diet, you can’t be 100% vegan!

That being said, the fault being all of this non-vegan labels is down to those who promote plant based living as a totally healthy thing to do. I said previously about PETA’s fat shaming advertisements, well it’s not just PETA.

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There’s a lot of health benefits of a vegan diet that are screamed from the rooftops. You avoid high cholesterol because you’re not eating eggs or meat. You lessen the risk of having diabetes. Say goodbye to all cancers which is arguably not factual but I’m yet again digressing here. A lot of people shout these so called facts in a hope to make omnivores turn to the vegan lifestyle but in reality, it just furthers the idea that vegans are those almighty health gods. Of course veganism can lessen risks of certain diseases and illnesses but saying that cancer can be cured by just eating veggies is just plain wrong. 

Despite all of the valid points I’ve just said, it’s obvious that vegans are going to want to spread the great vegan message. Veganism is fucking great and I wouldn’t change being vegan for the world, it’s truly helped my health greatly. But for some reason, fat bodies or just having excess fat have became a tool to frighten people into becoming vegan which is neither great or necessary.

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The moral of this post is that not every vegan person is healthy. And not every omnivore is unhealthy. You can be eating a “standard American diet” but eating meat in small portions or cheese once a week. You can be plant based and live on nothing but pizza and toast. 

If we find it so easy to care about animals and have compassion for the environment that we are destroying, then why can’t we just care about humans and their feelings ever so slightly? If we truly believe that animals have feelings, then why aren’t we just a little kind to humans? Veganism has plenty of benefits without turning fat bodies into propaganda to promote the lifestyle.


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11 thoughts on “Can Veganism Sometimes Be Fatphobic?

  1. LOVED this post! It really is all about balance, and what YOUR body needs. We all are made up so differently, and some people need meat, others don’t. People also don’t realize, that if you are not getting enough calories, your body will hold on to weight, thus you won’t lose and will even gain weight. Nutrition is such a controversial and hot button subject. I hate the word diet, because it really is lifestyle and uniquely to each individual. Thanks so much for sharing this beauty! ❤

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  2. this was a really interesting topic for discussion. ive always wanted to consider veganism but because of how it is advertised it sounds like you lose all weight and become super skinny and that put me off but your completely right, its not what you eat its how you eat and maintaining a balanced lifestyle

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  3. i totally agree with you soph; i’ve told people in the past that i was vegetarian and they’ve even had the cheek to say “oh…well, vegans and vegetarians tend to be skinny and healthy” !!!

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    1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it to myself but I’m sorry you have! I don’t even agree with the statement at all because I eat a lot of typically “healthy” vegan foods but I am still chunky?! Being vegan or veggie doesn’t automatically make someone really slim

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  4. Amen! I have never actually seen that billboard before or really heard about any of the fat-shaming inside the vegan community but I totally agree with what you are saying. A personal pet peeve of mine is when people go vegetarian or vegan just to lose weight because it’s not guaranteed that you will and does that mean that you will go back to eating meat and dairy once you have lost the weight?!? I am all for people reducing their meat and dairy intake but for the right reasons please. xx

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