Signs You’re Getting Better With Depression

Hiya! This post is kinda straight forward I think, but in case you aren’t sure. I’m going to tell some tell tale signs that you are getting better or at least improving mental health wise. However I know everyone is different so therefore you may expereince some of these, you may not! Not everything is linear and that’s fine! This is just what I’ve felt/am feeling.

And also, this is just based off of depression because I don’t have every single mental illness. Let me know though if you’d want more because although I don’t have all of them, I have a fair few haha.

1. Sadness is no longer a state of mind that you constantly feel. You can feel more emotions day to day. This is not in a manic way though, more so a great mental health way. You can be happy but not fake happy and you can feel angry. You aren’t just numb anymore.

2. You truly feel like you are now living your best life. Prior to recovery I was just barely coping and I imagine this is what everyone feels?! But now you feel okay and happy with your life. You feel like your life is what you were destined to have and how bloody fab it is.

3. You begin to love the things you previously loved. This is a key one for me. I used to love blogging and when I relapsed in September/October time, I just lessened the love for it. It felt like some sort of chore but at the same time, it kept me going. If that makes sense at all hahaha. But same with other things, reading is one thing I haven’t got my mojo back for yet but hopefully soon.

4. Impulsivity is something that’s disappeared from your life. When I was my illest, I somewhat relied on being impulsive. I’m not saying I went out and got masses of tattoos and pierces or got into A LOT of debt. But I did things just on impulse. For example, I just went out on a wim and stuff like that. I don’t really do this as manically anymore.

5. Instead of going to sleep praying you won’t wake up the following morning or afternoon (depression naps were my forte) you don’t pray at all and are excited for the day to come.

Those were my little signs of getting better from depression or other mood disorders. Again, I know recovery isn’t the same for everyone and that’s why I’ve personalised these to make them more so about me rather than generalising.


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20 thoughts on “Signs You’re Getting Better With Depression

  1. I can sorta relate as i’m taking medication for my depression and it’s helping my mood massively but i’m also making small changes to my lifestyle, which is helping me feel less shitty! xx

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  2. This makes sense, and there’s definitely a common thread of positivity/hopefulness that indicates that the depression is lifting. Although at least for me, getting to that point can sometimes feel like climbing a mountain! Is there anything that you say or do to help get yourself to that point of healing, to where the love for life starts kicking back in?


  3. Can totally relate to this, a lot of these things are true when it comes to anxiety as well, especially not being in that constant state of sadness/anxiousness anymore. It’s a longterm healing I think, something you work on everyday. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤

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  4. Honestly this post couldn’t have come at a better time and I thank you so much for this – over the past 6 months or so I’ve subconsciously came out of depression and have only realised it recently, as it happened so naturally. I was ticking off things in my mind that no longer applied to me regarding depression anymore and most of them were on this list so it was so nice to have confirmation from someone else that yes, I’m getting better. 4 is still an issue for me but I’m actually starting to think that this may just be a general part of my personality that was made worse because of depression, but other than that it may just be something that will always be there. This has put me in such a nice mood – thank you for this! xx

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  5. A great post. Like you say, everyone is different and there’s no ‘one cure fits all’ type of approach but it’s good to recognize the signs again.
    One thing I have found as I’m getting better is that I care a lot less about what others think of me. My life is my life and anyone who disagrees with that is entitled to their opinion but I don’t take it to heart as much as I used to.
    I think by us all sharing our experiences it helps others to see we’re all similar but not the same (if that makes sense) and that is o.k. xx

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    1. Thank you for agreeing with me! I’m glad you don’t care as much anymore! I know I’m still struggling with that A LOT but I can tell I’m experiencing this less! I hope you’re well x


      1. It’s not easy to ‘not care’ but when you get it, it feels great. I’m not too bad right now, I just survived a weekend on my own as my wife and daughter were away. Locking the door, shutting the curtains and putting Kerrang! Radio on helped xx


  6. Thanks for sharing this honest reflection. Your post reminded me of the goals that I am striving for. I don’t think I’m at the stage where I can say I’ve experienced each thing off your list completely yet, but at least I am able to look ahead with the hope that one day I’ll get back to loving myself enough to enjoy life again! Thanks for keeping the hope alive!

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