The Best Bath Bomb I’ve Ever Had

Hiya! When I became an affiliate for Blue Banana, they sent me a bunch of things to include/trial in posts and here is one! I got sent a Hex Bomb!!!

If you don’t know what they are, they are wonderful little bath bombs that are so vivid in colour. You can get ones that make your bath turn into a pool of blood and ones that make your bath as black as the abyss. SO FUCKING COOL.

I got sent the Nether bath bomb which is a deep black and glittery – which is all I want with a bath bomb!

Blue Banana have described this bath bomb I got sent as;

“Sink into the black abyss with this lush bath bomb and enjoy the fragrance of Cherry Berry (black cherries of course) ruminating from your bath. The all natural ingredients are chosen specially to enhance your relaxation and are vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy a luxury bathing experience. Embrace your love of all things dark with this great Goth bath bomb.”

It really impresses me that the hex bombs quickly dissolve into the bath. Unlike Lush bath bombs where they probably take a good few minutes to spread through the water.


I thought I’d show you what the bath bomb looked like and also what the water looked like prior, just so you can see how good the bath bomb is! The second picture was taken literally as soon as I dropped the bomb in. How cool is that?!


I thought these photos looked artsy and proper cool but I’m unsure if that prevails hahaha.

Overall, I really loveeeee this bath bomb. It smelt delicious and now my body smells great. I genuinely feel like I prefer these bath bombs to LUSH ones and that’s saying something! It’s just how much colour that these bombs give off and you can literally not look through the water.


Thought I’d show you the aftermath of the bath too! Because a lot of bath bombs leave stains on the bath and it’s fucking annoying but this one left nothing!!!

If you’ve ever tried this bath bombs, then let me know! I’m very interested in how you feel about these!? If you haven’t had one before, are you tempted to purchase one!?


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