Reviewing One Planet Pizza’s

Hiya! Pizza’s are probably my favourite thing to eat ever. Vegan pizza makes me so very happy too. This post is in collaboration with One Planet Pizza – a vegan pizza brand.

One Planet Pizza is an independent, family run frozen pizza company. The products they sell are 100% vegan and they’ve made a promise that they always will be. I think it says on their website that they are run by a collection of vegans and vegetarians!

They kindly sent me out a Hawaiian pizza and a Three Sheese pizza. If you know me, I’ve recently found a new love for ham and pineapple pizzas. I was always that person who said I hated it but never actually tried it. So when I opened the package and saw a Hawaiian pizza, I was super excited.



This Hawaiian pizza is made with a hand streched base, tomato sauce, white cheddar Sheese, onion, pineapple and Vegandeli ham chunks.







The three Sheese margherita has a selection of vegan cheeses – white cheddar, mature cheddar and mozzarella.

The time came when I had to demolish these! How exciting! I ate these with my father along with some chips and garlic bread because I couldn’t eat two pizzas in one sitting, no matter how much I loved it!

As I was super excited to try this Hawaiian pizza, I’ll start with this! I was completely surprised with how generous they are with their toppings. Normally a pizza has a quick sprinkle of whatever but this pizza had A LOT of ham and a lot of cheese, which I’m grateful for.

I’m not a huge fan of vegan cheese and I’m 1000% sure I’ve made that clear multiple times because I wasn’t a fan of cheese prior to veganism too, but this cheese. WOW. It melts like dairy cheese! The taste isn’t too overpowering like I’ve found many vegan cheeses to be.

I mean of course I’m going to like a margherita pizza! It had actual tomato slices placed on top which is something I didn’t expect to see. It made it proper stand out from other plain margherita pizzas.

It was super filling too! I always find that vegan cheese is far more filling than dairy cheese and I think it may be because it is made from soy? Let me know your opinion on that!

I thought I’d show you what I ate that night! I didn’t finish my entire plate but I gave it a bloody good try! I wish I took a pic to show you what I left hahaha, I normally do that. Let me know if you’ve tried these pizzas and what you thought of them! I’m very intrigued.



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12 thoughts on “Reviewing One Planet Pizza’s

  1. Love reviews like this, I’ve never tried this pizza brand but it looks great. I don’t normally eat frozen pizzas but they are super convenient and pizza is my favorite food.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They definitely are convenient! I never eat them a lot because there’s not many frozen vegan pizzas that are accessible for me but I appreciate when I do have one!


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