We Need To Save The Planet

Hiya everyone. This post was triggered by the amount of fucking snow we had in March. It was beautiful and all but it wasn’t okay. We aren’t meant to have snow in March, March is for springtime. So it’s evident something is wrong.

Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of CO2 per year and 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gases. That’s a fucking lot. People always label cars as the worst thing for CO2 and to be honest that is still an ongoing problem BUT cars only account for 68.5 tons of CO2 per year. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones and habitat destruction. Why I hear you ask?! Well livestock need land so what do farmers do? Sort out land for them and this potentially ruins land that animals are already living in. Up to 137 plant, animal and insect species are lost every day due to rain forest destruction which is upsetting. It’s actually got to the point where many scientists (whatever you wanna call them) have labelled this time as “The Sixth Extinction”.

Ways to stop thing from furthering, read below:

1. Reduce the amount of meat you purchase. Livestock and their byproducts are among the most resource-intensive to produce so therefore, eating a lot less meat will make a difference. I’m not saying go vegetarian or vegan because I understand that isn’t a possibility for many people but meat free Mondays are super easy to do. If you’re one of those people thinking that avoiding the purchase of meat won’t change anything because it will still be produced, you obviously haven’t heard of supply and demand. The more demand there is for something, the more businesses supply it and vice versa. If a lot less people consume meat, then they aren’t going to make as much.

2. Actually, just reduce the amount of food you buy. I’m not saying that you should buy enough food to last one day for a week because that isn’t an okay thing to do but I mean reduce the wasted food. It’s insane how much energy goes into growing, processing and packaging food and it’s upsetting to me that majority of that energy is wasted because about 40% of food produced will just end up thrown away and in a landfill. This isn’t needed so we need to start actually buying food we will actually use.

3. Rethink trains. I know trains are needed in many senses. We aren’t exactly going to walk to London from Birmingham, are we? But you get what I mean. I can get a train from my town to the next one and is that necessary?! The next town is literally a 5 minute walk away from my house. Alternatively, if you can get a train as opposed from a plane, then do that.

4. Ditch the plastic straws. I’m a sucker for these because I really can’t drink drinks from the glass, I have to use straws, it’s an anxiety thing. But there are things out there for people who need straws. They have stainless steel straws and paper straws but if I was you, I’d go for stainless steel because paper straws don’t last very long. You can buy these from independent sellers all over the world. UK here.

5. Use hangers and clothes lines outside to dry clothes. Do you really need a dryer on all the time when the house is already warm enough to dry clothes?

That’s all my tips. I feel like there’s a gazillion more but most of them require large amounts of money so I thought I’d give the ones that didn’t require ~too~ much money, or any money at all. Money isn’t necessary to help the world a lil bit.


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29 thoughts on “We Need To Save The Planet

  1. I feel like there are some things that i do already in terms of trying to save the planet such as getting the bus instead of getting my mom to drive me and we always hang our washing outside in my house instead of a tumble dryer but theres so much that us individuals can do to helP!

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  2. It makes me so happy to see that there are so many young people who are trying to save our environment. Thank you for being one of them! This is a great post and I an sure it will help others become aware of this important issue!

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  3. I love the idea of meat free mondays if you aren’t able to commit to vegan/vegetarian. I’ve been seeing more restaurants that don’t give a straw unless you ask for one & I think that’s so cool! every little bit helps, love this post girl 💛

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  4. Amen! I’m a conservation Master’s student so obviously, all of this is important to me. I’m reading a book called “Dead Zone” about how industrial animal agriculture is taking both the environment and charismatic species that rely on it to hell in a handbasket.

    A really interesting thing mentioned that I didn’t know is that since organic agriculture produces about 80% of the yields as large scale operations, but since we waste up to 30% of our food, organic agriculture would be totally possible if we cut down our surplus buying and waste.

    However, I don’t think trains are a problem worth mentioning. They’re the lowest impact per capita transport. A bigger issue is definitely planes. There’s a common flight from my home town, Tucson, to a larger airport in Phoenix… only 90 miles. It’s preposterous, especially when there’s a reliable shuttle service for $30 on way.

    Great post!

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


  5. hi, i’ve just come across your blog, and have been enjoying reading back a bit. thank you for visiting on our blog – it’s good to have you there! 🙂 i’m loving your voice – it’s bright and considered. never judgemental. i look forward to reading more. i’m interested to read your thoughts on veganism, because to be honest you’re the first vegan i’ve come across who isn’t some kind of rampant fundamentalist!! keep inspiring people! (Elle)

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  6. I agree with all these tips, especially the straw one. It bugs me so much when restaurants automatically give you a straw and it’s not like you can return it because it’s already technically been used! I wish there was a safe way to dispose of plastic straws. xx

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  7. Doing my part to save the planet has something that’s really nagged at me lately; I make sure I recycle regularly, constantly checking packaging on things 🙈 I work for Tesco and I’m intrigued to see whether as a company they change some of their packaging i.e tomatoes and grapes etc (biodegradable containers rather than plastic). I love meal planning so I know that food waste is minimal/non existent and meat free days is a brilliant idea. I love being able to take my coffee flask and having it filled up in a coffee shop rather than using their cups (only been a recent thing as I was a sucker for the Insta worthy Xmas Starbucks cups) xx

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