Stepping Out Of My Style Comfort Zone

Hiya everyone! First of all, I apologise for missing out on the Wednesday post. I don’t really have an excuse other than exam season is approaching and I have no time to do bloggy stuff (you may have noticed from the slow responses to comments!) and when I do have spare time, I want to hang out with friends or chill out by myself.

This is another post in collaboration with Paradiso Clothing. I just adore their site and they have such a huge range of different band merch for different bands. It’s perfect for any alternative people like me. Also, you can get 10% off if you use the code “purrpale” at the checkout so that’s incredible!



These trousers have been stuck in my wardrobe for maybe a few months now. I bought them before Christmas because I adored them but I was just too scared. I thought they were far too adventurous for me but here I am, wearing them.


I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’ve bought so many clothes that I’ve fallen in love with but got too chicken to wear them. In my mind, I’d much rather wear skinny jeans and that’s it. It’s almost like I think people will see me in jazzy trousers and recognise that this is my first time wearing them and point it out. I know that’s so stupid but you get what I mean right?! How are they even supposed to know if that’s my first time wearing them HAHAH.



So I’m semi forcing myself (I say semi because I did want to do it!) to wear clothes I wouldn’t normally choose to wear. Partly because I don’t want to waste money and also because MAN I love these clothes and I want to wear them, ya know?! So far it’s working and I’m thinking about showing you guys my journey throughout this project.



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