How I Learnt To Love My Body

Hiya everyone! I wanted to speak a lot more about body positivity in 2018 and so far I’ve not wrote many posts at all on the matter so here I am. I wanna give you guys some tips I have given myself (lol what??) in order to make myself fall a lil bit in love with my own body.

1. Actually accept compliments. I know we all deep down always “accept” compliments but don’t actually take them to heart. Well now, it’s time that we accept them and truly accept them. I know sometimes if you’re feeling shitty about your body, someone saying you look good in an outfit is not very believable but try to. If someone who can see your body any time they want, just from looking at you, then the compliment they are giving you must be an honest one. That aside, I know what you think of your body is all that matters, what others think means nothing, but compliments are nice from time to time.

2. Appreciate all the things your body can do. You may not be able bodied but there’s surely something your body is doing for you. Pumping all your blood around your body – you need that. Breathing – you need that. Digesting food – you need that too. Not every body may not be able to transport the person places but it can do some things.

3. Don’t compare it to other bodies. Everybody’s body is different and there’s no way in hell they should be compared against one anotehr. If you compare yourself to another person, you can easily find a million and one things that you dislike about your body. It may not be a body like the models you see in magazines, but that’s their body and your body will never look like that because it’s THEIR BODY.

4. Stop celebrating losing weight, love your body for what it already is. Weight loss won’t make you love yourself, it may lead you down a spiral of never feeling good enough. If you’re into fitness and all that jazz, then instead focus on maybe running 7km or being able to lift 20kg in weights rather than the weight loss side of things

5. Alternatively to the first point, don’t take everything people say to heart. If someone says they don’t like something about what you’re wearing or how you look, well fuck them. Not literally but just disregard what they are saying. It doesn’t matter in the slightest.

6. Fake it til ya damn make it. This is the last one because it’s not the best and it depends on your own personality but it worked somewhat for me. I faked being confident and loving myself and to some degree, it worked. Maybe it was a mixture of all of these but this truly helped because it kinda made my brain believe I was telling me the truth.

I use all of these of the daily basis, so hopefully you guys can get help from them?! Obviously I’m not perfectly in love with myself because it’s a work in progress, just like anyone! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments below, I really wanna know!!!


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36 thoughts on “How I Learnt To Love My Body

  1. UGH I’m terrible at accepting compliments, lol I get SO awk. and lolol at “well fuck them” SUCH a good mentality to have!! it’s your body, so at the end of the day it really only matters how you think & feel about it. LOVE THIS 🙂

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  2. Love this ❤ What you said about actually accepting compliments really hit me. Whenever my boyfriend used to compliment me, I noticed that I wouldn't even say thank you! I'd just get super awkward because I didn't believe I was beautiful. I've been actively trying to say "thank you!" every time he or someone in general compliments me, rather than shrugging it off. Beautifully written post!! 🙂

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  3. These are all such good tips. I especially like the one about appreciating what you body can do – it keeps you alive and allows you to live the life you do – and I think sometimes people forget that. Good luck on the journey towards total self-love. xx

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  4. Such an important topic! Love all of these tips, I’ve certainly used some of them over the years already! When the time comes, I want to sit my future children down and have a whole conversation about self-love and care. It’s so important that you grow up hearing about all of those different sides to self-love. xx

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  5. Great post here. I sometimes have to remind myself that my body still exists because I spend most of my time in my head and writing, but it’s also important to exercise and belong and live in my body as well. A few years ago, I saw an exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci and while he’s well known as an artistic genius, he was also a scientist and he dissected bodies and really investigated the human body and produced beautiful diagrams of all sorts of parts of the human anatomy. I remember thinking at the time, that his knowledge of the human body could well have enhanced his abilities as an artist and I wondered what I might be capable of if was more aware of my own physicality.
    Meanwhile, I’m also the parent of two teens and am concerned about food and body issues. They’re hard to escape.
    Best wishes,


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