What I Ate #9

Hiya I’m back!!! I haven’t done one of these since just after Christmas when I did a what I ate for Christmas day post. I thought it was high time I did another so here I am!

Breakfast ~


This has been my all time favourite breakfast for months. It’s so quick and simple but so filling and yummy. I just put two weetabix in a bowl and pop two to three teaspoons of biscoff spread on top. I pour warm almond milk over the top to melt the biscoff and then mix it together!

Snack ~


I had this snack before I left for college this day and it was THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED. Creative Nature kindly sent me a bunch of their snack bars to try out and this is maybe one of my favourites. Also, apologises for the extra photo, I didn’t take a photo apart from this before eating it.

Dinner ~


I went to KFC for dinner with my friends. Obviously I can’t eat much from there because they sell nothing vegan apart from their fries, so that’s what I had. I also stole my friends beans because beans are life.

Tea ~


This was a tea I made on a whim but I adore it. I made it the next day too because it was incredible! It’s just white potato sliced with the skin still on, a parsnip sliced, some asparagus, sugar snap peas, sweetcorn and vegan prawns. I also seasoned the photo with paprika and sage!

That’s all I ate on this day. Obviously I didn’t take pictures of my drinks but I had a lot of water and a cup of pepsi at dinner. Let me know what you ate today!!!


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12 thoughts on “What I Ate #9

  1. Do KFC not do a veggie burger? (I don’t eat there ever so I wouldn’t know but would presume they did like McDonalds). Thank you for sharing a what you eat in a day that isn’t necessarily ‘healthy’ and is a realistic representation of what you eat on a day. Hope that makes sense haha. xx

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