There’s No One Way to Be Vegan

Hiya everyone! How are you all doing? Today’s post is about veganism because I keep seeing drama over on Twitter between vegans and it’s annoying me!

There is absolutely no one single way to be vegan. It’s really that simple. You can be a junk food vegan, a health food vegan or a whatever the fuck you want to eat vegan. I’m tired of seeing raw vegans attacking junk food vegans because they are not necessarily eating as healthy as raw vegans are, because after all aren’t we all fighting the same good fight?

I say fighting loosely because I truly don’t believe anything can be resolved from fighting AT ALL. Nothing. But I digress, whether you’re a health food vegan or a junk food vegan, we are still focusing on saving animals and the environment so surely, that should be good enough.

Now I’m not just targeting raw vegans here because this is not a one sided fight. Junk food vegans are too just as bad and are mocking raw veganism. Now I know I’m being just as bad here, but I know some of the mocking is justified. Not down to the people and what they eat because that’s truly lovely but the arguments that raw vegans put across.

I’ve seen the likes of “eat raw and your cancer will go away” and “eat raw and that lifelong illness you have… yeah that’ll disappear”. This sorta stuff is uncalled for. Because no matter how many grapes and carrots a person eats, it’s not going to fix illnesses like cancer. It just won’t. It’s not plausible.

That being said, that’s the only problem I have with raw vegan people. Other than that, I have no worries. I just wish that this pointless arguments would stop as it’s not helping anything but damaging the vegan message. If non vegans see people within our own community arguing about random things, then surely that will shun them away?!

That’s my rant over and done with. Let me know if you agree with me at all?! Just in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you’re a junk food vegan, a raw til 4 vegan or a high carb low fat vegan, doesn’t it just matter that it’s vegan?!


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10 thoughts on “There’s No One Way to Be Vegan

  1. This is totally cool! I’m not vegan, but I respect people who choose to live that way cause it can be a lifestyle or just a diet (: it’s what you make it, not anyone else’s opinion haha

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  2. Amen to this. I think that everyone should be able to do what makes them happy as long as it’s not hurting anybody else. I’ve had the experience where vegans have talked shit about people because they’re not vegan and vice versa. Fighting does nothing but cause unhappiness. xx

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