The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving

Hiya everyone. Today’s post I want to talk about a question that I always ask myself. Am I thriving or just simply surviving? Am I doing the best I possible can or am I just passing through life?

I continuously think the latter. I constantly believe that I’m just breezing my way through life because I’m just coping. Coping with my mental health, coping with college work and coping with just general life. I don’t think I should “cope”, I should be able to thrive.

Thriving in my own sense is living life in the best way possible. Not necessarily succeeding in things, but trying your hardest to go past your norm. Continually challenging yourself to be a better person, a better and more supportive friend, working hard at your career – to name a few.

I know that we can’t change our personalities as such and we can’t change who we truly are but we can make minor changes to make our life more pleasurable. Obviously people who are mentally ill struggle with that, as I do too, and it’s difficult to determine whether we are flourishing or whether we are just merely surviving and moping along.

I think thriving comes with recovery. If you have high functioning mental health conditions then this is much different but as someone who struggles to just do simple tasks, it’s much harder to thrive. It’s possible for people to be mentally ill and successfully manage their symptoms and live satisfying lifes. But that’s not the point I’m getting at.

In my opinion, a key way to begin thriving is to reach out and speak up to whoever about your issues. It can be extremely difficult to reach out during your touch times and for someone who tends to be introverted, it may be even worse. I’m not saying everyone must become social butterflies to help yourself because you can simply reach out to a family member or someone you trust greatly. Making the concious effort to reach out to people on a regular basis could create a habit and it would slowly become second nature to reach out if you’re struggling. This is something I am desperately trying to do but I struggle to trust people, as I’ve said before.

Emotions are such a powerful force inside of us and they control bloody everything. You name it; what we eat, how we dress or who we hang out with. It’s all emotive. In order to thrive in this world, we need to be able to listen to our emotions and know where they are being excessive or irrational. It’s hard but it’s true.

Our emotions are just invested in surviving rather than engaging in a thriving life. The difference between surviving and flourishing is connected to our ability to listen to our deepest inner needs.

I hope this makes sense. I kinda just rambled and this formed some sort of post that I liked. Let me know if you agree at all!


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16 thoughts on “The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving

  1. I always wonder if I’m happy where I am or if I’m letting myself settle in content. I really hate thinking about this topic, because realistically, of course there are different ways I’d rather be spending time! And when I think about my precious 20’s – the golden years – slipping away from me I start to panic. I won’t get that time back, therefore I want every second to be enjoyable but that’s not how life works. In the meantime it’s a matter of mindfulness and, for me, it’s therapy.


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  2. I ask myself this question a lot too, especially in exam periods when I am just living each day by itself. I keep saying that tomorrow I will thrive but when tomorrow becomes today, it never happens. You should check out Liv Vargus – her word of 2018 is thrive and she lives by that motto. xx

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  3. If I didn’t think it before, I definitely have the confidence now to say I’m thriving! Reading through this was inspiring (: a kick in the pants to keep up all the work I’m doing cause I’m working towards the future I want!

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  4. I feel the same way. A way I’ve found to make myself feel a little less “surviving” and more thriving is to do one small thing for myself. I completely agree how things sometimes take over our lives and we’re stuck trying to make our way through them, but I think taking a minute to look back on your achievements is always helpful. It definitely is important to learn to reach out and ask for help when necessary. Hope you’re doing well!


  5. All of my blog posts are just me rambling until a blog post forms, so that last part made me laugh :p But to be serious, I often feel like I am just coping with literally everything. Last night I told me fiance that everything is just too much and I can’t handle cope with any of it right now. I’d really like to switch from coping to thriving!

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