Tyne Chease Review

Hiya!! Tyne Chease kindly sent me a couple of their vegan cheeses in order to do a review. And how exciting is that?! Tyne Chease is a brand I’ve wanted to try for a while but no vegan stores around me sell it, as far as I’m concerned. So when I got the opportunity to collab on a post together, I jumped at the chance!

They are artisan cheeses so not typically a cheese you’d use on a sandwich. I guess you could if you really desired it hahah! It’s 100% plant based and suitable for raw vegans.

I got sent the smoked chease and the pink peppercorn chease. If you know me, you know I love a good smoked cheese. Prior to my vegan days, I’d happily snack on Applewood cheese, so when I see any smoked vegan cheeses, I almost cry. As you can imagine I had high hopes for this cheese.

* Apologises for the terrible lighting in these photos, the only time I had to do posts like these are after college and it gets considerably dark after 5pm! You can’t imagine the amount of angles and manoeuvring I did to remove as much shadowing as possible *

The first one I tried was the smoked chease! This one is priced at £7.95 on their website. It was quite a hard cheese but not too hard that you struggled to cut it (if you know those vegan cheeses then you know!) I can honestly say I enjoyed this cheese so much. If you like smoked cheeses generally then this is absolute heaven but if not, you may not think much of it. For me, I always knew I was going to like it. And I did!

It not only has excellent texture, it’s flavour is intense! It’s so good to say it literally has a few ingredients (cashew nuts, water, smoked paprika, probiotics and Himalayan pink salt).


The next one was the pink peppercorn. I must admit I was a little sceptical because I had never ever tried a cheese like this before, both as a vegan and as a omnivore. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised because the peppercorns weren’t too overwhelming, which I think they would’ve been if they were mixed all throughout the cheese.

Again it’s a shock to me because it’s mad up of so little ingredients – cashew nuts, water, crushed pink peppercorn, probiotics and Himalayan pink salt.

I would be genuinely excited to try the other flavours. They have the likes of sun-dried tomatoes (!!!!! MY FAVE!!!!), garlic, rosemary, macadamia truffle and an array of creamed cheeses with the same flavours. Overall, I think they are delicious! I don’t know if I could eat them all day every day however, because of the incredibly rich taste they have. My mouth isn’t used to food that fancy!

Let me know if you’ve ever tried these cheeses and what you thought of them!


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11 thoughts on “Tyne Chease Review

  1. Would like to give these a go. I’m not vegan but I always like to reduce how much money I give to the industries. I have, like man others, always found most vegan cheese to be quite disgusting. I like how these are artisan as well!


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  2. I shy away from Vegan cheese (which I ave no shame in admitting is why I am not vegan lol) because it tastes pretty gross (I hate Daiya cheese) but this actually sounds pretty promising. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing beauty! ❤

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