If We’re Having Coffee #3

Hiya everyone! I haven’t done one of these since Blogmas so I thought it was high time that I did another, and started doing them more regularly hahaha. I honestly love writing these sort of posts, they seem like a catch up without needing to write loads and loads about my life. Those type of posts also seem a little impersonal whereas these seem like I’m sat with you guys catching up over a coffee.

If we’re having coffee… I’ll tell you about how overwhelmed I am over this whole blogging thing. I have my own domain and that’s fine. And now I am getting so many emails and brand deals and it’s all a little overwhelming. I love it but ya know what I mean surely!?

If we’re having coffee… I’d let you know how nervous I am for university in September. I know I’ve technically already been but I’m scared to find out whether the trigger of my relapse was in fact university rather than me not being ready. I’m scared that that relapse will just happen again in September.

If we’re having coffee… I’d talk about how much I’ve been bloody loving red lentil pasta lately. I have it all the time. Not great for my shopping bill but it’s yummy for my tummy!

If we’re having coffee… I’d briefly mention how many gigs I have lined up. It’s the early March now so I have two for the remainder of the month and I already had one a couple days ago. Pretty hectic and I try not to think about it!

If we’re having coffee… I’ll tell you how much I’ve been loving myself and my life lately. Not as much as others but it’s a start after my relapse in September 2017.

I hope you have a lovely day. I really liked making this, let me know if you’d like this a lot more often!


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just a girl who loves spreading positivity

15 thoughts on “If We’re Having Coffee #3

  1. I always love these posts, but I love how real this is. Sending you so many hugs and so much love. Relapse is scary especially when it has just happened, but girl YOU have got this! And you are going to rock University! ❤

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