30 Things I Wanna Do Before I’m 30

I’m aware me turning thirty is a long way off. I’m not even twenty yet. But it’s literally eleven years away and there’s so many things I want to do in my life before the age I plan to want to settle down and stuff. I’ve complied a list of  the things I want to do before I’m thirty years old, and hopefully when I am thirty, I can look back on this list and see if I completed any!

1. Read more. I am a big reader but anxiety is a bitch and ruins my concentration levels! I want to be able to read more. Maybe stick to my goodreads goals.

2. Buy a house. I’m not talking have the mortgage totally paid off, just have a house that I’m paying for.

3. Be at peace with myself. I know this is far fetched and I probably won’t manage this but it’s a dream. I’m taking baby steps to get there as I type so hopefully!

4. Go to Canada. A literal dream for me! I adore that place and I’ve never been, so I would like to.

5. Linking to number four, visit all continents. I want to go travelling so bad, and not in the hipster kinda way. I just want to see the world and all it has to offer and I think this is the best way for it.

6. Perfect my German. I speak German badly! I learnt myself on an app and I’m no where near perfect but I aim to be.

7. Have some forever clothes. I’m talking stuff like a Stella McCartney bag or something. Gotta be vegan but something I won’t have to replace anytime soon.

8. Go on a detox holiday. I saw Hannah Witton do one of these a while back, no social media for a week?! Yes please.

9. Have alllll the animals. Rescue pets make my heart ache and I want to save them all. Realistically I won’t be able to but if I can save at least two dogs, that’s a life well spent!

10. Maybe have a child. A BIGGIE. I don’t necessarily mean my own either, I’m willing to adopt. Besides, as I’m writing this I am 19 and I cannot imagine myself being pregnant or giving birth any time soon.

11. Write a book. I know.. cliche. But I truly do! I love writing (duh I have a blog) and I would like to write something fictional!

12. Take up running. Or at least the gym. I want to do this now but lazy.

13. Treat my fucking dad. I love my dad. SO MUCH. He does so much for me and I’d love to be able to treat him whenever I please. Like take him on holiday (he really loves Germany so it could be there!) or buy him stuff whenever I see something he may like.

14. Find a forever partner. I know relationships aren’t always linear and in this day and age, they don’t last majority of the time. But I can hope. I hope when I’m 30 that I’m dating someone who I could see myself marrying or something.

15. Learn to drive. I know, shocker I don’t drive yet! I don’t feel ready to and hopefully when I’m thirty I’ll know how to drive. A car is included in this too!

16. Know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am currently stressed out because I’m planning to go to university (if you are confused about this, look at this post for why I’m not at university right now) and I don’t even know what I want to do. But that’s minor and I know a lot of people have zero clue and that makes me feel a bit better. I’m warming to teaching or working in a museum.

17. See more iconic artists in concert. Is this even a me post if I don’t want to go to more gigs?!

18. Start my own vegetable patch in my garden! We used to have one of these in our garden. I say that, it got dug up around my birth so I never saw it but I have seen pictures and I want one for my own!

19. Stop peeling my nails. I know this sounds so weird because people tend to bite them but I don’t. I peel. I get the end of my nail with another nail I have and rip it and I’ve gotta stop doing that when I’m nervous.

20. Don’t be so afraid of spending money. This is so morbid but you can’t take it with you so why stress and stress over saving money and just live in the now. Sure, save money because ya never know when you may urgently need a couple pounds but don’t be so worried over spending.

21. Host a dinner party. Starter, main and dessert for a couple of people.

22. Go on a road trip. I’ve always wanted to do this but I don’t have a car nor someone who is willing to drive me to random places. Or the money.

23. Go to Disneyland/world. I wanna!!! I love Disney, maybe not as much as the average human but I do like it.

24. Go to a protest! It’s no secret that I am a budding activist. At the moment, I’m not in a frame of mind or a situation to protest so hopefully in between now and thirty, I’ll be doing it all the damn time.

25. Master how to use chopsticks. Kind of a silly one but I always struggle. I just kinda stab the sushi and hope for the best.

26. Be friends with someone who is the complete opposite to me. Not like politically because I don’t think I could be friends with someone who votes against another’s existence but maybe be friends with someone who likes different music or tv shows.

27. See the Northern Lights. A dream for many I’m sure!

28. Invest in some nice art for my house. I really like art and I’m not talking like an original Da Vinci but some nice art.

29. Find my perfect style. I’m always someone who slightly changes their appearance, I’m trying to find what I like the most and hopefully by 30 I’ll know hahaha.

30. Write a letter for me for when I’m 30. So I can open it and see how well I’ve done.

Let me know which one of my goals you think is one of your own! I’m always interested in knowing stuff like that.


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46 thoughts on “30 Things I Wanna Do Before I’m 30

  1. No.8 sounds like such a brilliant idea, can’t believe I’d never thought of that before!! Yes please!! Disneyland is my favourite place on Earth, I fall more in love with it every time I go back .xx

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      1. I think this is a fantastic list and it would be amazing if you could achieve all these things before you reach thirty. I am much older than you and still haven’t achieved some of them yet! Keep us posted on how your progress through the list goes!


  2. I can see myself in so many of these goals! I’m 29 and edging very close to 30….! Eeeek!

    So, on the goal front, I read loads, I’ve been to Canada twice (awesome), and am saving for a house… I’d love to treat my mom, and I’d also love to have a kid soon…. But there’s no hope I’ll have one before I’m 30 at this rate! I’d also love to see the Northern Lights and go back to Disneyland!

    Seems like we’ve loads in common! I wish you all the best with this awesome list!

    (Btw, make sure you go to Vancouver and do a tandem bike ride around Stanley Park with your bestie or SO!)

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  3. This list was really fun to read! Also, I definitely relate to what you said about learning another language better! I was born in Italy and understand Italian, but can barely speak it lol!! Awesome post! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Good luck! Make sure you have a copy of this list posted up on a wall somewhere so you can refer to it everyday and make steps to becoming the person you want to be. In terms of the gym, I would highly recommended classes for motivation but definitely take a friend if you’re like me and get socially anxious. I found I fell apart first year of University too but I stuck with it and am now in my third year and this year has honestly been one of the best years of my life. It’s given my life purpose which is something I needed. Definitely think about how you are going to stay on top of your mental health if you decide to go back to University – whether that’s applying for counselling through the University or have set weekends you meet up with friends/go home. You can never be too prepared. Message me if you ever need any advice. xx

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  5. I am literally in the process of writing one of these posts myself, I’m hoping it will be up next week! I was going to include learn how to use chopsticks in mine too lol and I can’t drive either 😛

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  6. It was an amazing post. I am in my early twenties and like you I’d also like to learn driving, treat my father, have a house of my own and also maybe have children till 30 after I find a forever partner for me. 💛

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  7. I loooooved reading this post! One thing that i would love to do is to also start my own vegetable patch! i’m just waiting to move out and i want to grow lots and lots of vegetables. I have a question for you about you going vegan; Did you cut out animal products straight the way, or was it a slow transition?

    This has made me want to write my own 30 before 30 list! Ive done a very similar 20 trips to take in my twenties 🙂

    Danielle x

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    1. Thank you so much!! I was vegetarian for five years before hand, I did cut out meat straight away back then but with dairy it was different. Dairy produce has an additive in them that makes them harder to break away from so that’s why I did it slowly. I probably took about 6 months to fully break away from dairy and be vegan! x


  8. I love your list! I definitely relate to some of these, such as write a book (one of my biggest dreams), be at peace with myself, see the Northern Lights… I also LOVE your idea about writing yourself a letter to read when you’re 30.

    I’m inspired to do a post like this! If I do, I’ll be sure to mention your list 🙂

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