Being Vegan Isn’t a Competition

Hiya everyone! Something I’ve seen massively talked about on Twitter is what makes someone a Good Vegan. It just baffles me that is something often talked about. Surely, being a vegan is enough to be labelled a good one. But no, there’s a lot of things that many vegans (me not included) mention that makes someone who calls them self a vegan, not a good one.

I have been vegan for over two years now and I’m thriving on this lifestyle choice but there’s some things that aren’t vegan in my life that I really cannot change.

1. Medication. I’m on medication for my anxiety and depression. It’s known that A LOT of medication has lactose that works as a binding ingredient, and of course lactose comes from cows milk. I cannot possibly help that the medication that is helping me reduce the risk of relapse contains an animal derived ingredient and quite frankly, I don’t understand why it does either. It’s quite unnecessary. Also, medication is often tested on animals and as much as I despise that, I cannot help it. I think it’s important to minimise cruelty where you can and remember that not everyone is 100% cruelty free. It doesn’t make you a bad vegan for taking medication to survive.

2. If you use non vegan products beforehand and continue to use them still. I’m a firm believer that if you have bought animal products (such as shoes, clothing, make up etc), you can continue to use them. There is no point in you chucking them away because the damage is done and you may as well use the product until it’s no longer usable.

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3. I don’t do much animal activism outside of the internet. I’ve seen a handful of vegans on social media judging vegans who don’t do any themselves and label them as “fake vegans”. All I wanna say is, why? Some people cannot do as much animal activism as the next because of accessibility, money or whatever reasons that they deem as an “excuse”. All vegans are vegan for the same reasons, just because they don’t go to pig saves or do elite animal activism, that doesn’t make them any less vegan.

4. The raw vegan argument. I bet you’ve all seen this because there was a point where my Twitter homepage was nothing but this. Raw vegans have this ongoing debate that any other vegan lifestyle isn’t a good one and everyone should be raw. Whilst, yes I agree that raw veganism probably is a fantastic diet for some, it wasn’t for me and I personally thrive on a eat-whatever-I-want-as-long-as-it’s-vegan diet. I eat a lot of vegan junk food and that’s okay because it’s still vegan, am I right? Wrong. A few (not all, I must admit) raw vegans have made statements that raw vegan is a cure to all mental and physical illnesses out there (literally). If you’re interested in having a laugh, here’s a satirical Twitter about this whole point.

Now obviously I’m not saying every vegan is like this, I have met and are friends with so many amazing people but I’m just talking about the very few who are like this! Let me know below if you are vegan and have any other things that would be labelled non vegan but have no choice in consuming/using them! I hope you have an incredibly day!


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21 thoughts on “Being Vegan Isn’t a Competition

  1. So glad you posted this cause sometimes I feel like I can do nothing right in the eyes of a die hard vegan 😂 we are all tryin our best out here lol. Really great post though and I’m glad you didn’t just toss out all your meds or anything drastic like that!

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    1. What really?! Plant milks are obviously there for a reason, why are you being judged?! I don’t really use them that often myself but I always have a carton or two in my cupboard because they are hardy for a lotta stuff!


  2. i’m not vegan but isnt there like two types of veganism and isnt there always a debate going on as to what type is best? like the people who dont eat meat or dairy say they’re better than those who only dont eat meat and do eat dairy? xo

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  3. I’m on a vegan diet (started 6 months ago) , but I know that technically I’m not really a vegan in the sense of my lifestyle. But I find it frustrating the amount of judging that goes. It should be about support and encouragement. Not telling people they are not healthy without being raw or ‘bad’ at being a vegan. Such a good post and thank you for bringing this up. x

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  4. Interesting post. I like the compassion for all creation behind all of this but at my age (77) wonder why if we are to go so far in the thinking why not be concerned about eating vegetables which are also alive? My plants grow more when I talk to them…do they also have feelings? Could we potentially find nothing in creation to sustain us? As a nurse my studies tell me that we were created omnivores. Am I thrilled about this? Probably not but I do realize the effort involve in obtaining the needed nutrition from a vegan diet. Some people are unable to do so and some bodies cannot tolerate the fiber and other components. My point is we should never judge others for any reason. It is not up to us. We are not living their life not can we understand their limitations. Eating vegan can be financially impossible for some also. Choose your lifestyle and thank God you are able to live it! No judging others!!!


  5. Veganism has really been thrust into the spotlight recently and I have to say I’m one of those that doesn’t know what to believe anymore. I have a friend who is vegan (and non-judgmental) but also a family member who lives next door to a dairy farm and whom have had violent threats from vegans made against them (there were articles about this in the BBC etc). People make food choices for a variety of reasons – not all vegetarians or vegans eat that way due to animal welfare concerns, it could be because of medical illnesses or simply seeking a healthier way of life. What I eat and why should not be subject to discussion and I should not be made to feel bad about it – vegan or otherwise. Thanks for the great post

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  6. I checked to see if my medication was veggie when I was first prescribed it and everywhere I looked it was vegans telling other vegans to TAKE YOUR MEDS! I was hugely encouraged by that because the media often presents vegans as being militant and exclusionary (amongst other things) and it was heartening to see them being sensible and helping others. (Unfortunately, my meds are not veggie/vegan/cruelty free, but I’m still taking them. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself, my loved ones or my pets.)

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  7. A common debate I’ve seen is what being vegan entails. Is it just the food you eat or is it the entire lifestyle? I feel like so many people call themselves vegan (wrongly or rightly) when they just eat a plant-based diet. Also the stereotype of being a tree-loving hippie haha. xx

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    1. Yeah definitely! I don’t particularly mind when people who only follow the diet aspect call themselves vegan because strictly speaking, they are eating vegan haha but I understand why some vegans probably get annoyed, to a degree… xx

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