I Don’t Agree That Society Tells Us What We Should Wear

Hiya everyone! I wrote this post a while ago when I was having a single sided debate with my dad and it triggered a post idea. But the final piece wasn’t how I like my writing to be so it’s taken me a while to actually get it ready and perfect to post!

It’s about clothes and questioning why they are labelled and gendered. When I say labelled I mean, labelled as being perfect for certain body types or colours. The debate was initially started because my dad was talking about how he wouldn’t wear the colour pink and as I was about to question why (and assuming he was going to say it’s a girls colour), he simply continued and said it was because he doesn’t like pink. He continued to go on and say he wasn’t a fan of red either and that my mother used to avoid red and pinks because of her pale skin. As soon as that was said, I shrugged my shoulders and replied that I didn’t care about my pale skin, I wear whatever the heck I want.

My point is that why should we shy away from certain colours or clothing types because of what our bodies look like? People say plus size people shouldn’t wear bikinis but I say if the fucking brands sell them in their size, why should they be stopped? I say why should bigger people shy away from clothes society deems only suitable for slim people? My answer is right in that question – society.

We as a society have given this set of rules for ourselves, telling us what we should or shouldn’t wear and I just don’t think that’s acceptable. I think we should change. Follow the mindset I am desperately trying to follow and wear whatever the fuck I want.

I don’t give a shit if society and magazines tell me my pale skin should not “clash” with bright yellows and reds. I don’t give a shit if I shouldn’t wear black clothing with my dark hair. I really couldn’t care less. I don’t give a shit if I should avoid wearing baggy or boxy style clothing because it will apparently make me look bigger with my hourglass figure. I will wear as many fucking ruffles as I want and I don’t care if it enhances my boob area. I will wear horizontal stripes if I want to.

It honestly wasn’t hard to find an array of magazine articles about what certain body types or skin colours should wear. I hate it. Just a quick google and I found thousands, if not more, posts about what I should avoid and what looks better on me. It made me feel sick because quite frankly, everyone is different and how can a magazine decide what looks nice on me?! That’s for me to decide.

I’m always an advocate for wearing whatever you want and to ignore societies standards that we have given ourselves as many generations. I don’t think we should avoid certain colours or items of clothing because of what our bodies look like. Do you agree with me or have I changed your mind on this situation? Let me know! It just gets me so angry that I am told (more indirectly than directly) that because of certain parts of my body I should avoid low cut tops or spaghetti straps or mom jeans. Honestly, I don’t care and I don’t think I ever will. If I want to wear a spaghetti strap top and feel bomb as fuck in it, why should I be shamed?


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25 thoughts on “I Don’t Agree That Society Tells Us What We Should Wear

  1. I agree. Its crazy how a girl gets prosecuted for wearing something that doesn’t please the world. This is sexist thinking propagated by diminutive patriarchal constructs.

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  2. As a male there is often the same sort of pressures for us to ‘conform’ too. I am Scottish, with pale skin, freckles and a not particularly sporty physique (quite skinny legs but ok top half I guess). Quite often I used to seek constant approval on outfits, particularly in summer but now I’m of an age where I can just go and wear what I feel comfortable in and it feels so much easier xx

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    1. Yeah definitely! Guys also get judged for wearing clothes that society deems “feminine” which I totally don’t think is okay either. Just don’t think it’s great for anyone in this world atm haha! x

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  3. Thank you!! At long last someone says this 😊👌 I am a sociology major in college and it’s so incredibly mind boggling how many norms, expectations and rules society has set forth for how people should act. Let people do whatever the flying fuck they want. It’s not affecting you if someone decides to wear a low cut shirt because they find it beautiful. If it’s distracting to YOU, that’s a whole different story I could talk about in being that everyone should be confident with what they wear and not feel like a distraction.. but back to the point..yes. thank you for this rant. Fuck societal norms. Wear what you want and be proud. 💖


  4. I agree so much with this. Screw what society says. I’m a sociology major in college and nothing bothers me more than learning that society has set rules, expectations and norms about how people should act. 👌 Anyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin without feeling like a distraction, judged, etc. Rock what you want to. It’s your body and your life. YOU choose how you want to live it. Thanks for saying this. I’m glad someone did 💖

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  5. Amen girl. I 100% agree with you. I think it’s very easy for our first thought to judge someone for how they look but apparently that first thought is what society has trained you to think and it’s your second thought, challenging or agreeing with that first thought, which is your opinion on the situation. xx

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  6. This is such a good post, its like all these people who promote healthy lifestyles and gym bodies all look the bloody same and then it sets expectations for having a certain body type!

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