Mistakes You May Make When Going Vegan

Hiya everyone! My goal for 2017 was to blog a lot more about veganism. Whilst I have done so quite a bit, I haven’t that much.. not as much as I’d want anyway! I thought I’d write up a little post about mistakes made when someone goes vegan. By this I mean, little simple mistakes that someone may make and it may result in them not liking veganism or not thinking they are suitable for the diet. However, if these mistakes are corrected ever so slightly, you may find that veganism is right for you!

1. Eating the same portions as before. You’re probably reading this and thinking, “what?!” but yes! Vegan food is a lot less calorically dense than food you’d eat on a standard American diet so you’d obviously have to eat a lot more! As you can see below, 400 calories worth of vegetables will fill up your tummy a lot more than 400 calories of chicken but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eating enough. Eating that many vegetables will fill you up temporarily because your body is so used to be filled up on a full tummy of chicken or meat. My point being, on a vegan diet or even a vegetarian diet, you need to eat a lot more in order to get your intake up!

2. Overlooking green vegetables. I can’t stress this enough but eat your greens! When I first went vegan, I didn’t eat many green vegetables because I didn’t think I liked them and I thought I could get all my nutrition from other sources. I couldn’t have been any more wrong because there’s so many leafy greens that give you nutrition that is hard to find elsewhere. Vegetables such as spinach and kale are so incredibly rich in iron and calcium. You gotta eat them!

3. You transition to veganism too quickly. I know if you research the animal and dairy industry, you’ll want to go straight to cutting them out entirely. Your body is simply not used to eating all the vegetables if you didn’t eat them as often prior. Everything that is typically vegan, it’s clear that your body will not be used to because you may not have eaten them when you were on the standard American diet. Going vegan too quickly is doomed to fail because you have to try out new food products and you may not like them! Before I went vegan, I tried out different plant milks and different cheeses etc before I went 100% vegan because then I’d know what I’d like when I do change my diet!

4. Going vegan because it’s trendy. If you go vegan because your favourite celebrity is also vegan then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Going vegan for the animals, the environment or your health is the right reasons. I just personally feel like if you go vegan to follow a trend, it won’t be successful and you won’t take it as seriously.

5. Forgetting that animal products are in everything. Before I start this point, accidentally eating non vegan food doesn’t make you a failure. You’re still vegan because you didn’t eat the food on purpose. But animal products are in everything and you gotta check the labels. They end up in products you wouldn’t think have animals products! A nice trick (at least for the UK wannabe vegans) is that dairy and eggs are normally always in bold on the ingredients because it’s an allergy. So with many foods, you can just scan for the bold haha. However, there are some ingredients that don’t need an allergy warning so you do have to check for those. Those can be things like; lanolin, gelatine, casein, carmine, tallow, suet and isinglass.

6. Thinking you’ll be missing out. You won’t be. In this day and age, you can get a lot of non vegan food veganised. You can easily make vegan mac and cheese or have a vegan steak. You aren’t going to be missing out at all. All you need to do is know how to cook or know where to shop!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely day!


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18 thoughts on “Mistakes You May Make When Going Vegan

    1. Of course!! I’ve messed up plenty of times and I used to truly get annoyed with myself, but as long as you clearly know you weren’t consuming them on purpose then it’s not the end of the world as such! xxx

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    1. I totally get that! I tried to vegan multiple times and failed but it truly takes time! I’d watch documentaries! Depends on what you wanna go vegan for of course, but animals “earthlings” is good (it is very graphic tho), for health “what the health” and “forks over knives” and for the environment “cowspiracy” is decent!x


  1. I totally agree with the calorie one – I feel like I’m eating 24/7 but it’s because my food isn’t as calorie dense as it was beforehand. I cannot really call myself vegan because I do break it at times but I’m in the transitioning stage and am excited to find out what I do and do not like. xx

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    1. The portion sizes I used to eat prior to veganism, especially when I was veggie, is a fraction of what I eat now 100%. Obviously some days, I eat less than other days, it truly depends on activity levels I guess! xx

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  2. I totally agree with #4 and have blogged as much myself in the past. It is too hard to do if you aren’t doing it for the right reasons, but for the right reasons it is easy!!
    We have the bold in our ingredients here in Australia too, so it does help. 🙂
    Some good solid advice!

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  3. Great points! I’ve been incorporating more and more vegetarian and vegan recipes into my diet and following a mostly-meatless plan–it’s a bit slower transition but I think this way it will stick!

    Great advice, thanks!

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