Testing Loungers Vegan Menu

Hiya! Loungers restaurant kindly sent me a £40 voucher to review their vegan menu. I happily used it because I love trying out new food. I’ve never been to Loungers before because they are quite far out from where I live – I had to travel to Harborne which is like a 30-40 minute drive! So it was a nice change to take my dad out for some yummy food. My dad isn’t vegan nor veggie, for a heads up!

My drink of choice was the Velvet Dog. This drink is basically malt Scotch whiskey shaken with port, pineapple juice, berries and cinnamon. If you know me, you know I love cinnamon so as soon as I saw this drink, I had to have it! In my opinion, the cocktails were a little pricey (£6.50 for a small glass) but that’s in comparison to Wetherspoons which is quite cheap anyway.

I must add that the interior of the restaurant was beautiful. I had no confidence that day to get up and take proper artsy shots of the place but I hope you can appreciate the simple sneaky taking photos whilst sitting down approach I had!

For my main meal, I got the Sweet Potato Falafel Burger which was £8.95. This was obviously a giant sweet potato falafel but it came with rocket, red onion, gherkin and beetroot hummus – which is a favourite of mine since I tried it in the Starbucks vegan salad that one time! It usually comes in a sourdough bun but they ran out so I had it on ciabatta which was completely fine; any bread will do! On the side came vegan coleslaw and fries. I must say I love coleslaw, I always have and I am sad I can no longer have it so I was over the moon to have a vegan alternative. My dad actually asked how to make it so I can make it myself at home!

The fries, I must say were divine. They were crispy on the outside and so so soft on the inside and that’s all I want from fries to be honest with ya.

I thought I’d show you that I actually cleared my plate. I very rarely do this but I did with this meal because it was ten outta ten.


For dessert, I had a bit of a pickle. Not literally. I ordered the dark chocolate and ginger torte and I was beyond excited. The lady came about 10 minutes later and told me they ran out!!! Which was super annoying but I kinda came to terms with it because I was super full with the main I had. HOWEVER, when she came running out with my change, she actually had a slice in her hand!!!


Oh my good god. The cake. Was completely beauts. It was only £3.25 which I thought was a complete shocker. I’ve had the dark chocolate and cherry torte from Toby Carvery before and that was way more expensive in my opinion!

A bonus is I still have half the voucher left so I can go again! I completely over estimated how much money it would be which is both funny and exciting! I’m definitely going to be coming here again and again.


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