You Can Still Be In Love and Single on Valentines Day

Hiya! As Valentines Day rocks around, I always see people fretting over not being in a relationship and being alone on this special day. But I’m here to tell you that you can still have some love on this day.

From yourself.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself and more importantly, loving yourself. At any time of the year. Being single is okay because Valentines Day is just a day of expressing love and that doesn’t just have to be romantic. Heck that can be platonically.

Loving yourself can mean so much this Valentines Day. It can be as simple as just sitting in your room in your underwear all afternoon to going out and treating yourself to a hot date with guess who.. yourself! It’s fucking great. Last Valentines Day, I was dating someone and I honestly can’t remember what I did the year before. I’ve been to sleep since then but I’m pretty sure I was single and I’m pretty sure I had an okay time.

You don’t even have to spend it alone if you don’t want to. Go hang out with friends! Express your love with all your buddies. Go for a sesh or go for some food. Or both.

Being single on Valentines Day is actually the best in my opinion because I can spend all my money on me. I can buy my own damn lingerie and parade my room (not house, I don’t want to walk around my family home in my underwear) like I fucking own the place. I can be a sight to be SEEN. I can buy my own chocolate because chocolate is great and I can eat that whilst watching great movies. I can take myself on my own little date. I get to pick the food!

I can buy my own flowers because flowers are cute and so am I. Fun fact: never actually got flowers from someone before, apart from myself!

I don’t know about you guys but I don’t really care about being single on Valentines Day. I’m quite happy about it. I know I’m not wasting time with anyone who isn’t worth it and I know I’m going to definitely have a good time by myself.


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