Date Idea That Requires Little to No Money

Hiya!! I’m back with another valentines day related post and this time I want to give you guys some ideas for dates that don’t require too much money. I’m not going to say zero money because that’s not always plausible and honestly, off of the top of my head, I can’t think of any.

I’m a poor girl and I know a lot of people, especially students, will not have as much money to splash out extreme amounts on date for this somewhat special day. So I know how it feels and this is my list of 8 money free date ideas.

1. Seek out a food market and live off of the free samples. I do this regardless of dates to be honest hahaha! Restaurants are so bloody expensive sometimes so let’s do that.

2. A museum date. Maybe this is boring to some people, but for me at least who is a history student, it’s fantastic. Most museums have all day admissions so you can go after work or school if need be.

3. Have a movie marathon. You could watch the entire box-set of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, or Saw – whatever takes your fancy. Doing it at your own home will save a lot of money because you’ll probably have treats in your cupboards all ready to snack on.

4. Give each other massages. Seriously, light some candles and break out the oil and give your other half a back rub. It could also lead to …. other things.

5. Build a blanket fort and cuddle in it. You could also double this with number three! That would make such a cute date.

6. Play strip Cards Against Humanity. Whoever doesn’t have the worst (the loser) card, has to take off an item of clothing. Alternatively, if you aren’t at that stage yet, you could do the opposite and each time you lose, you add on a layer!

7. Play some board games. This sounds so lame but 1 v 1 monopoly until someone goes bankrupt. Actually.. this may cause a break up.

8. Have a food challenge. What I mean is, compete and see who can make the best meal out of whatever you have in the fridge. Bonus of this is, you won’t have to make any valentines meal because it will already be done.

Those are all my ideas! I hope you have a lovely lovely Valentines Day because it’s a day full of love and happiness!


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30 thoughts on “Date Idea That Requires Little to No Money

  1. This is like a poor peopele’s guide for dates (or in general things to do) – something a broke person like me can always need. Museum dates are the best. Personally I love visiting art museums. What I like to do when I am on one (or simply with a friend or even by myself) is share headphones, listen to music while gazing at the art and sneak in some yummy snacks and drinks. And about that number 4.. “It could also lead to …. other things.” – HAHAHAHA

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