The Perfect Valentine’s Drink with Fentimans’

Hiya everyone! I paired up with Fentimans’ to do a super cute Valentines day post and here it is!!

On their website, it says: “Over 100 years since Fentimans’ started brewing botanical drinks the business is still in the Fentimans’ family and is owned by the Great Grandson of Thomas Fentiman. We also continue to make our delicious natural beverages by the multi-stage botanical brewing technique. Our processes have been updated and our beverages are now carbonated before being filled and pasteurised to extend the product shelf life. The one thing that has not changed is the superior quality and unsurpassed taste of our drinks.”


This is what Fentimans’ sent me! I don’t typically show the packaging unless it’s a subscription box but I thought this was so cute. It’s kinda came in a picnic basket type wicker basket and I’m totally excited by that because I’ve wanted a nice picnic basket for ages (but they are PRICEY). So this is great. Inside there was a SCAVI & RAY prosecco, Fentimans’ Rose Lemonade and a GORGEOUS wine glass. When I saw it, the first thing I said is that it would be perfect for shots. I’m the type of girl who drinks prosecco by the pint haha !!

I thought I’d show you a super cute and tasty drink idea with all of these delicious things that I’ve been sent.


  • Rose Lemonade
  • Prosecco

It’s so tasty and I instantly wanted more after I finished this glass! I think this would equally taste yummy if it had fresh raspberries or cherries to garnish. But I had none of those so I wasn’t able to!

Let me know if you love this drink idea too! I’d be interested to know if you were going to try it!


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