What To Get Ya Vegan This Valentine’s Day

Hiya! I thought I’d do a vegan valentines day gift guide whilst love is in the air. Veganism is great but I think non vegans aren’t always too clued up on what to get their vegan loved one because why would you?! It’s not your lifestyle so why would you be 100% sure what ingredients to avoid and such?

1. Fruu Balms


Fruu kinda sent me these and I’m obsessed. If I’m feeling a coloured lip day, I go for the cherry balm and it literally has minimal effort. Not to mention they smell delicious.

2. Eden Perfumes

Perfumes are such a thoughtful and nice gift to get on any gift-giving season. It requires effort because not everyone likes the same scents. With this gift set, I got the cotton candy scent, NO. 30 and NO. 309. They smell like black opium by YSL and daisy by Marc Jacobs.

3. The Vegan Bunny Co


I got sent these a while back but I couldn’t not include these in this gift guide! I’m in love with their scents, they are all so realistic!!

4. Booja Booja

You can’t lose with Booja Booja! A bit on the pricey side but I adore them. I got them for Christmas last year and I pretty much cried because of how good they were.

5. Besos De Oro

They sell the best fucking vegan alternative to baileys ever. I’ve of course never tried the vegan Baileys yet so I wouldn’t know how it compares but it’s pretty close!

6. Rawr Chocolate

Rawr kindly sent me these chocolates to put in the gift guide and I know full well that I would never feature anything unless I’ve tried it and loved it. I truly do. I always feel like raw chocolate makes me more healthy, which it isn’t really true but I feel less guilty after eating raw vegan chocolate haha! £9.95 for four chocolate bars isn’t too bad either!

7. We Are Thought


This store sells a TON of cute vegan clothes and this is one of my favourites. I really want this dress I think it’s super beautiful. They use completely 100% sustainable materials and that’s all you need to know this store is fabulous to buy some cute presents from. They also sell underwear aye aye aye.

8. Luva Huva

Who doesn’t love getting some cute underwear as a gift? What’s better is when it’s ethical! Their collection is made from fabrics such as; bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, soy and tencel. All very nice fabrics for the environment.

9. Bluebeards Revenge Man Kit

The Bluebeards Revenge Perfect Man Kit (Gift Boxed)

This Perfect Man Kit is a great way to get your man introduced to the world’s manliest and coolest grooming range. It contains; 1 bottle of brushless shaving solution, 1 bottle of cooling moisturiser, 1 bottle of eau de toilette, 1 bar of soap and 1 deodorant. It’s such a simple yet thoughtful gift idea!


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