Feeling Comfortable in my Skin

Hiya everyone! I’m back with another outfit style post. I actually prepared this post just after Christmas 2017 but I didn’t feel completely in love with it so I just left it sitting in my drafts. Until now. I looked back on it whilst deleting drafts and I thought it was such a cute outfit that I should post it regardless of whether I liked how I looked.

img_1791 (1)

As someone who is in recovery, I’d like to say it takes a lot for me to dislike anything I do. I know that sounds so narcissistic but what I mean is, I spent so much time hating myself that now when I say I fully love myself, I mean it. I don’t know what came over me with disliking the photos I took so much because looking at them now, they aren’t too bad. They are pretty cute.

img_1790 (1)

img_1792 (1)

There’s nothing in these photos that scream anything bad about them. So it’s dreadful that I once thought that way. I am thinking maybe this is something that a lot of bloggers face, when they do posts around their body. Please let me know if you ever go through stages of not liking any pictures you take of yourself, or just anything you do because I think that would let me feel a bit better (however I’d much rather none of us felt this way but I’m sure you get what I mean!!)


Top – TheMusicStore / Jeans – New Look / Shoes – Reebok /


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28 thoughts on “Feeling Comfortable in my Skin

  1. Such a cute outfit, you’re rocking it! I totally get what you mean about not liking the way you look in certain photos- sometimes I have to take 100 to find maybe 10 that I think are good enough haha it’s silly, but true

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