Where To Get DD+ Bras This Valentine’s Day

Hiya everyone!! I’m not trying to blow my own horn here but I have big boobs. I’m aware I have big boobs and I’ve come to accept it. I kinda hated it when I was a lot younger because I just wanted some small tittas but instead no, God blessed me with 36G boobs. Now because of that, I know how difficult it bloody is to get bras. A lot of fast fashion brands barely cater for any cup size below D so it is a bloody struggle for me to get bras.

Bras are expensive and I get that. It only gets worse the bigger the cup as well. I just wish I was able to buy bras from the likes of Primark and New Look for under £10 but instead, I’m lumbered with bras that cost at a minimum of £20. And it’s annoying!! I don’t have much money and my boobs are still growing so I really cannot afford spending £60+ on like three bras?!!

So what I’m going to do in this post, is show my fellow big busted people some places that I get my bras. I’m also doing a lot of research about this because I’d love to find some cheap-ish places to buy my own boob holders! So I’m just gonna get straight into it because I’m hoping that this is gonna be a long one!

1. Ann Summers

I’m aware that Ann Summers can be a bit pricey but come on, aren’t they cute?! This is a place that I commonly go to when I want to treat myself because in no way can I afford this place on a daily basis. They aren’t too expensive but I just don’t have that sort of money. One thing I must say is if you are buying plunge bras from here, to make sure you try them on beforehand! Yes I know that’s a very common thing to do but stupid me didn’t and I took the tags off. They came up a little small on me!

2. Bluebella

Can we talk about how beautiful this set is?! Bluebella kindly sent me this gorgeous set a few weeks back and I just HAD to feature it in this post. They are just so comfy and not too expensive at all! I don’t have this price for this set because I got sent it pre-release but on average, a set of a bra and pants costs £50 which is a lot but it’s not A LOT for DD+ lingerie. I absolutely adore this brand and I wouldn’t recommend it more.

3. Boux Avenue

Ah the place where almost all my underwear comes from. It’s not at all pricey and it’s such good quality. My mustard set which is in the picture cost me £38. It’s so comfortable as well so that’s why I have so many different colours from here hahhaa.

4. Lepel Lingerie

I honestly never heard of this brand until I was frantically searching for DD+ lingerie the other week. I was missing out!! They are so affordable and beautiful. I got kindly sent two sets, a nude colour and a black one, and I love them both so much. I know nude isn’t technically classed as sexy but why can’t it be?! You can wear it underneath white clothes and then once you take those clothes off, BAM sexy. I adore these sets so much. So comfortable and it doesn’t feel like you have a bra on!


Can we talk about how pretty this stitching is on the under armpit part! I am OBSESSED!!! It has it on the underwear too and I’m in loveeeeee.

There are of course so many more dd+ lingerie stores but these are my favourite ones. Let me know any that you love – will be interested in checking them out!


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29 thoughts on “Where To Get DD+ Bras This Valentine’s Day

  1. I LOVE pretty underwear. Love looking at it, love buying it, love wearing it. I also really enjoyed this post. Though I might not be DD in size, I think finding a bra is generally difficult for everyone. The sizing is different everywhere you go and finding something comfortable, supportive AND pretty can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

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    1. I was so confused for a second!!! Didn’t even know you had an account here!! HELLO but yes I’m glad you and your big tatas found it useful. It’s what I’m here for


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