Who I Am Beyond Mental Illness

Hiya! I’m a strong believer that you are not your mental illness. I am not my anxiety nor my depression or anything else that is deemed wrong with me. I am none of that, I am simply Sophie. I may have mental health problems but they are not the only thing I have going on about me.

I have a love for history. I love studying how the Ancient Greek and Roman countries lived all those years ago. I adore finding out about their religions and what they believed it. I find it fascinating that their Gods represented every single thing in the world and many people that the Gods were merely just the individuals conscience and own mind. I love studying about Nazi Germany and about how one stupid man did all those terrible things. I don’t condone it AT ALL by the way, I just find it interesting that a country who were once really powerful, allowed him to do such things.

I love music. I have a record player and a rather large collection of records to go along with it. I used to be emo and all the music choices I made when I was thirteen or fourteen, still have a massive impact on me today.  I can still jam out to Fall Out Boy or A Day to Remember or All Time Low and have a fucking good time. I go to gigs and have a bloody good time at those too.


I have such a vast fashion taste. One day I can dress like the girl next door and the next day, I can dress like the girl next door goth sister who no one talks about. I can go from wearing band tees and skinny jeans to cute little pink dresses. I just love how different I can be every day. I’m not linear.

I love Doctor Who so much. I’ve been watching it since it came back on our screens in 2005. I know for a fact I watched it before then with my dad growing up. Fun fact: the figures I had on my shelf in the room tour post, I’ve had since I was like 10 years old. I still love that show. It formed a big part of my nerd life.

I think because of what I post about, my mental health mainly, it is a struggle for me to establish the difference between my illnesses and me as a person. I think I’m gonna make a more conscious effort to put a fine line between both of those things in my posts. I don’t want to lose myself in my illness.


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22 thoughts on “Who I Am Beyond Mental Illness

  1. The group I go to did a thing like this for a Christmas tree festival that happens where I live. We made baubles and inside them where things that distinguish us from our illnesses. Attached to the strings were quotes we had come up saying things like “Although I am anxious of crowds, I still want to be invited out” and many more along those lines.
    I’m also trying to make people aware I’m more than my issues x

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  2. I’m just learning how to understand my anxiety, as just a part of me—not the whole. It’s taken 4 years, but it gets clearer with each day. I’m also a Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco girl, and proud of the hand-me-down, vinyl collection, which was my father’s.

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  3. Love this! Thanks for being so open and honest! It is so hard to find that distinction of being open, raising awareness, and letting healing occur, but also not letting it consume you and you articulated it perfectly. Thank you! ❤

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  4. So true! It can be hard sometimes but at least you know your mental illness doesn’t define you and that’s something not everyone has been able to achieve. PS. Old school Fall Out Boy is 👌🏼 and “If it means a lot to you” from ADTR is still one of my favourite songs in the world.


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