Tartan Princess

Hiya everyone! This is such a weird post for me to create because I never thought I’d have the confidence to do any of these. I kinda did one for Blogmas but it was a lot easier because I complied a lot of different outfits together and that meant I didn’t reallllyyyy need to take/like many photos of myself because one or two sufficed.


One reason I was super scared to do this sorta post is because my outfit style isn’t particularly mainstream or whatever. I like a variety of clothes. I dress grungey a lot of the time and really alternative and that really isn’t anything you see on the fashion side of the blogging community. I stumbled across Robyn, Jessica and Alice who are all super lovely and beauts girls, who happen to have an alternative fashion sense AND ARE ROCKING IT! So those guys kinda helped me gain the confidence to do more of these posts.



So yeah, you’re gonna be expecting more of these posts because I just loved taking the pictures. I had a blast. Obviously this post is in my back garden because I was too scared to go out alone and take these. Baby steps. Eventually, my backgrounds may be more interesting hahahahaha.


/ Cardigan – New Look / Top – H&M / Leggings – ISAWITFIRST / Shoes – PUMA / Bag – LUSH /


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50 thoughts on “Tartan Princess

  1. Happy for you that you decided to do this post because the outfit is lovely and you should definitely post more of these – ESPECIALLY that most of the fashion bloggers aim for the same kind of style (well not all of them of course – not to offend someone’s style). Gorgeous! Looing forward to see your next outfit!

    With kindness

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I have one planned for next month so that’s coming for ya! Oh yes of course, I keep seeing fashion bloggers posting the same cutesy outfits and I think alternative bloggers should be a thing!!

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  2. Mainstream is boring and highly over rated! I’ve always been one to do something out of the ordinary. I grew up in foster care, and have a chronic illness that can prevent me from working for long periods of time, so I’ve sometimes gotten stuck with plain and otherwise boring clothing (that I’m of course still very grateful to have) so I’ve added things by sewing patches, taking out stitches to do them in a bright color, or else do some crazy off the wall accesorizing. I’ve gotten a bit mundane since having my second child because I’ll be lucky to brush my hair let alone style it, but there’s always at least something that stands out. Even if it’s some crazy eyeshadow 😇


    1. I think I saw you post them online somewhere!? Honestly with tartan trousers I pair them with a plain coloured top, but I’m sure you could pair them with whatever! You should get them back! x


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