Places You Must Visit in the UK

Hiya! I’m a huge fan of the United Kingdom. I just love visiting different towns and cities because every place in England (and Wales, Scotland and a lil bit of Ireland) are so very different but they are all very close. I thought I’d give you all a list of my favourite places to visit in the UK that you must visit at some point! There’s no need to go abroad when there’s so many places to visit at home!

1. Weymouth, Dorest

I may be biased because this is just one of my favourite holiday destinations. We tend to go every August in order to celebrate my mother as August was the month she passed away. It’s such a pretty town though! There’s also a beach and when it’s hot, it’s boiling!

My favourite places in Weymouth: Weymouth Harbour, Nothe Fort, Portland and Nothe Gardens.

2. Brighton, Sussex

I just adore Brighton. I’ve been a handful of times and every time is just lovely. I was fortunate to go when it was gay pride so everything was super busy and full of love. Going when it’s not gay pride, is just as wonderful.

My favourite places in Brighton: Brighton Pier, The Pavillion, Brighton Museum and The Lanes.

3. Tenby, Wales

Again, I may be a little biased because this was my childhood favourite. I must go again though! My family and I used to go a lot and I’m talking a lot when we were a lot younger and we don’t go here as much anymore which is sad but it’s definitely going to be a place I go a lot when I’m older!

My favourite places in Tenby: Tenby Lifeboat Station, Tudor Merchant House, Castle Beach and The Dinosaur Park.

4. Bath, Somerset

Such a lovely little town. It has so much 18th century architecture and that’s why I love it. Of course, it’s also home to some Roman baths if you’ve heard of those! This city is definitely full of cute little nick nacks and areas to just relax and truly be at peace.

My favourite places in Bath: The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, The Circus and The Jane Austen Museum.

5. London

Image result for london skyline
I love London so much. Maybe you can tell from how frequently I visit there haha! It’s just so busy and it’s like a bigger Birmingham (duh) for me. When I’m walking round it honestly just feels like Birmingham to me now which is maybe a good sign! Would always recommend visiting here!

My favourite places in London: 221B Baker Street, Big Ben, Harry Potter Studio and Covent Garden.

That’s my list of my favourite places in the UK! I haven’t visited much of the UK so I can’t speak for majority of it but what I have visited, I adore. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!


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53 thoughts on “Places You Must Visit in the UK

    1. There’s tons! It’s such a nice seaside area so you can do all the standard stuff associated with those! They also have an area a little bit out of Weymouth called Portland and there’s a lighthouse and the most delicious cream tea cafe! There’s quite a lot to be honest, you could easily spend a few days there and not get bored!

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  1. I love travelling, and short-breaks in the UK! this post is amazing, and as bad as it sounds I’ve never heard of Tenby before, and oh my days it looks beautiful, it is definitely somewhere I need to visit!

    Nat x –

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  2. Oh I love the British Isles. I’ve only been to London, and that was a whirlwind tour. My dad has been all over because of his job. My mom is a total Anglophile. She was super happy to find out that her sister’s DNA testing showed that she was 98% British Isles lol (the other 2% is Asian, go figure).

    Anyway, I will watch any and all things British just so I can see the country and hear the beautiful accents – so many – and dream about going back some day. I’m sorry if this is all too much fangirling for your country.

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  3. I don’t live in the U.K., but I visit when I can. I love Exmouth, Devon because of the beautiful beach there, Woodbury Common with it’s iron-age “castle”, and hiking the Coastal Path with its amazing views.

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