My SheIn Wishlist!

Hiya! I recently stumbled upon SheIn which is a clothing website that isn’t ~too~ expensive and to be honest with you, it’s not too bad at all. I thought I’d share with you my wishlist of clothes I want from them! I’ll probably end up getting them soon, once I have some money to splash out on new clothes.

My Top Wishlist;

Cactus Print Tee – £6.79

Drop Shoulder Two Toned Sleeve Striped Tee – £9.81

Contrast Raglan Sleeve Top – £8.30

My Jumper Wishlist;

Slogan Print Wishlist – £ 12.07

Praying Hands Print Ribbed Trim Sweatshirt – £11.32

Lantern Sleeve Rainbow Striped Jumper – £12.82

My Trouser Wishlist;

Rolled Hem Drawstring Plaid Pants – £11.32

Side Striped Skinny Pants – £12.82

Frilled Waist Grid Pants – £12.07

My Skirts Wishlist;

Patch Pocket Button Up Skirt – £12.82

Botanical Embroidered Cord Skirt – £12.07

My Dress/Dungarees Wishlist;

Corduroy Jumpsuit With Pockets – £13.58

Buttoned Strap Pocket Patched Plaid Jumpsuit – £15.09

Button Accent Gold Dot Dress – £13.88

My Coats Wishlist;

Patch Pocket Detail Solid Coat – £30.93

Hooded Faux Fur Coat – £24.89

Varsity Striped Zip Up Hoodie – £9.05

My Accessories Wishlist;


Black Patent Leather Point Toe Oxfords – £21.79


Star & Moon Embroidered Chelsea Boots – £33.06

Slogan Print Ankle Socks – £6.79

Elastic Velvet Headband – £3.76

That’s everything I wanted! The total of all of these clothes was £295.03 which honestly is not a lot considering I put a lot in this wishlist! I would absolutely adore everything on this list, let me know what your favourite pieces are in this list!


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53 thoughts on “My SheIn Wishlist!

  1. Have never heard of SheIn before, all of these items look so amazing!! I’m tempted to start shopping online now I’ve seen those star and moon ankle boots and the plaid jumpsuit 😍 great choices! ❤

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    1. They are!! I want them so bad but honestly I don’t have money to splash around on things I don’t necessarily need so they are just sitting pretty in my wishlist until I can hahaha! Thank you!!!

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      1. Not bad at all 😊 I’m already considering getting it myself. And yes faux fur, I always forget to add that on, I never even consider real fur so in my mind faux fur is all there is

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  2. Ughhh I keep on getting adverts on my fb from SheIn and I pretty much want 80% of the stuff on their website…but who got money for that?? Also I don’t know how legit they are, I think they’re the same company as Zaful (dunno if you’ve heard of them but their stuff looks amazing!!) and the images don’t always reflect the actual product on those websites…Guess I’ll have to go buy some stuff and find out….research purposes.

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      1. Agree
        They are bit pricey and more so since I used to get it from India. It came with all import details. I thought it might be cheaper for locals in UK.

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