Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Positivity

Hiya everyone! I’m back with another post in my sex series! You can find my first post in this series here and I talk about my pill experience! For today’s post, I thought I’d talk about sex positivity.

Sexual positivity is a social movement that promotes sexuality and sexual expression in a variety of forms. This can be heterosexuality, homosexuality, anything LGBTQ+ related, polygamy, monogamy and anything else of that nature. The movement also focuses on safe sex and the importance of consent.

Something that the sex positive movement also embraces is the free love movement. This is basically a movement that, not completely but partially, rejects marriage. They aren’t saying that no one should get married because if you want to, you want to but it’s more so a movement that portrays marriage as a social bondage of some sort. Again, this movement may include monogamous relationships, celibacy or polygamy (but not institutional forms, such as concubines that were present in Ancient Greece and still today).

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Sex positivity includes;

  • Open to education around sexual activity. Education around your own bodies and other peoples bodies, and all the emotional and physical aspects involved with intimacy.
  • Understanding the important of safe sex for everyone involved. This can involve discussing sexual history with each other, using contraception and being tested for STI’s regularly.
  • Sex positivity also considers sex to be a natural, healthy part of someones life. It should be enjoyed and doesn’t necessarily have to have any strings attached if all parties accept it. It’s not a taboo subject.
  • They accept other people’s sexual practises and don’t shame them. This means accepting sexual behaviours that you may not engage in, such as threesomes, swinging or any kink or fetish someone may have.
  • Realising that people may not want sex, that can be all the time or just sometimes.

Being sex positivity is so so so important for today’s society because I really don’t think that sex should be something we shy away from. It’s just sex. I understand that some people may have religious beliefs or something else that may prevent them from being open with this sort of stuff, however, I do think it’s important that those people allow others to be as and when they want to.

Something that is almost always overlooked is being respectful to sex workers. This is SUPER important because sex workers are just normal people and there is often negative stereotypes around these people. It’s also perfectly okay for you as an individual to support sex workers but also hate the racist, sexist and violent life they are forced into. It just baffles me that people genuinely think that sex workers deserve the amount of sexual assault and violence they unwillingly recieve because of the line of work they are in. Do you also believe that a doctor deserves to have an array of diseases because they work around them on a daily basis? I bet your answer was no.

Thank you for reading. Again, if you have any thoughts about what I could write a post about then let me know! If I don’t know much about it, I’ll do my best to research beforehand.


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29 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Positivity

  1. My problem is people start to then have TOO much sex and stop protecting themselves. I always cringe when I hear people say they don’t use condoms and what not because it feels better.

    Wanna know what doesn’t feel good??!?! An annoying itch that you can’t scratch!

    So thank you for mentioning to get STI checked regularly! 🙂

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      1. Love your post!! 🙂

        Indeed. But then thats where your post makes sense. Sex isnt always about penetrating. There are other ways as well in case you dont have that protection handy. I personally love cuddling.


  2. What a great read! Far too many people view sex as something ‘dirty’ or ‘forbidden’. As your wonderful article points out, sex can be healthy and liberating. I hope many people take time to read and think about what you have written.

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  3. I totally agree! And you raise an excellent point about sex work. As a nurse I’ve worked with people in the survival sex trade, and they deserve our compassion rather than judgment because chances are they’re in that position because of trauma.

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  4. This is an amazing, informative post. I cannot shout about it enough that sex-workers deserve the same rights as any other occupation! I study criminology and I find the debates and arguments over sex-workers and prostitution so interesting. Again, I have complete respect for you posting this, there needs to be so much more understanding of sex and sex positivity within society.

    Nat x – nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

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  5. Two things:
    1) With regards to the free love movement, I honestly am a bit of a hopeless romantic, and so not really into that myself, but you better believe that I’m ready to fight like hell for everyone, no matter what or who they love (with obvious exceptions) to be treated like normal human beings. We’re all at least a lil bit kinky, and to shame someone for that is 100% needless. Quality post, my guy.
    2) What are your thoughts on SWERFs? Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists?

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    1. I am not into it either! I am like you too hahah! And honestly, I’m not here for it – at all. Feminism in my eyes is including all type of people and I don’t really like seeing them trash sex workers, who typically need support from feminism. My idea of feminism should be liberating and all about freedom to do whatever the heck you want and swerfs are the complete opposite of that!

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  6. Thanks for spreading the message about sex positivity. I’ve dealt with sex negativity before and it has been hurtful. I used to post personal ads on Craigslist, and some people sent me hate filled emails for being pansexual and open to polyamory.

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  7. Really good point about sex workers, its always worth watching documentaries on those kinda things cause then you understand and learn more about the situation their in x

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  8. Last summer, I read a book, Girl Code, by two young girls who had participated in a coding club. The short story is that they created a game that they could share online for a cause they believed in: chipping away at the menstrual taboo. Both girls disliked the portrayal of females in video games, but in particular, they were bothered by the treatment of menstruation as a horrifying, disgusting no-go subject, that was such a source of shame and sometimes isolation for so many women and girls.

    If you’re interested, you can see their finished project at tamponrun(dot)com. It’s pretty entertaining, tbh. I thought of this partly because before I read this, I read your post about the subscription box. I find it fascinating that we still don’t know how to wrangle with women’s reproductive health issues, and I’m glad that this is a generation when people are trying to be open about these issues.

    Also, since you mentioned you’d like to know what people think you should write about, if you haven’t written about the menstrual taboo, I would like to read your thoughts on it.


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