Gigs I Went to in 2017

Hiya! I am such a concert goer.  I go to so many and it’s probably a problem because that’s all I spend my money on lately hahah. I thought it would be interesting to make a post about all the gigs I went to this year to document it for me, and also because you guys may find it interesting?!

1. A Day To Remember // 25/01/17

This was such a good gig to start off the year with! Support acts were Neck Deep, Moose Blood and New Found Glory – which are all some decent bands! I already was a huge fan of the first two so it was a perfect concert for me to go to! I later learned to love New Found Glory and they are pretty good.

2. Black Sabbath // 04/02/17

When my dad asked me if I wanted to see Black Sabbath in February, all that crossed my mind was of bloody course. It was their last ever tour because they are getting on a bit now, and we were fortunate to get tickets to their LAST gig. We went to the best day in Birmingham. It was wonderful and it was such a different atmosphere to what I’m used to at pop punky gigs.

3. All Time Low // 16/03/17

Is it even a Sophie year if I don’t see these beauties?! I have been a fan of this band for years now, they’ve helped me through some pretty heavy stuff. I know some people dislike them now because of their music change but it’s silly, every band changes and it’s weird if a band continues with the exact same sound year upon year. There’s not been a year when they’ve came to the UK and I’ve not seen them (spoiler I’m seeing them in March) AND this time in particular, I met them! They were all lovely. I met them in May a couple months after this gig too and I did a post about it

4. Royal Blood // 18/11/17

The last gig of the year sadly. I was so gutted that I didn’t go to any more after this but no bands I would have liked to have seen, toured! I enjoyed Royal Blood so much. They are such an iconic band and if you haven’t heard them, I suggest you do! It’s just two guys, a drummer and a guitarist. Just bloody wonderful and I’m glad they were my last this year!

They are all the gigs! Let me know if you enjoyed this sort of post, because I might do one next year too! I’m planning A LOT of gigs this year so next years will hopefully be busier.


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34 thoughts on “Gigs I Went to in 2017

  1. I think I’m actually the opposite of being a concert goer but I’ve been once to Opener festival (Poland) and these pictures just reminded me how good it was to see all these bands live and how it felt to just be there with all these people enjoying the moment. Nice pictures!

    With kindness,

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      1. When my husband and I started dating, that summer we were going to a show multiple times a month, basically every week. We went to warped tour. I went to warped tour pregnant with my first and saw motion city soundtrack while pregnant with my second. He’s a musician and music equals life. ❤🎶

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  2. A Day to Remember and All Time Low are two of my favorite bands are are amazing live!! I also love how you point out that it’s silly for a band to stick to the same exact sound throughout their entire career. Bands evolve, they’re people too 🙂

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