The Perfect Teen Period Subscription Box!*

Hiya everybody! As you guys know, I have no boundaries when it comes to stuff like this, so I’m going to be reviewing the Betty Box period subscription service. They kindly sent me the December box and I’ve opened it and now I’m gonna tell you what’s in it.

Betty Box is owned by the subscription service Pink Parcel, which is the more adulty version of Betty Box. But just because this box caters for the teenage market, doesn’t mean adults can’t buy it either! I personally like it and I know I’m 19 but I’m at the later end of the teenage spectrum!

You basically get a box filled to the brim (and I mean it) with pads or tampons, whatever your preference is. You also get some lovely goodies for yourself. Cool right?! You have four sections once you open the box; for you, for now, for later and for night. Which obviously just points you in the direction of which pads are which and it’s super simple to navigate your way through it.

Then in the “for you” box, there’s a bunch of little treats for yourself. I couldn’t NOT show you what I got because I’m overwhelmed by how many items are actually in there.


If you know me, you know I love my highlighters and MUA is a perfect brand for them! I was so happy when I opened the box and saw this because I’ve hit pan on the one I currently have, so this is a nice replacement.


I’ve never used this brand before but I was excited when I saw a full sized brush inside??! This brush’s RRP is £12.99 which is the boxes cost ALONE so if this doesn’t show you that it’s value for money, I don’t know what does.


I just love this colour! I don’t really paint my nails that often because I literally have like 3 shades to chose from so this will be a nice new shade to add to the mix!


A face primer. Wonderful! You can never go wrong with having ~too~ many face primers because they always come in handy! And I’m so excited to try this one out.

I’ve never heard of this brand before now but I have swatched this beautiful eye-shadow since writing up this post and it’s SO GOOD!!! It’s quite small and that’s my only issue but you can truly tell that you don’t need to apply much to get it to show on ya face.

The two final things are this cute lil gingerbread lipbalm and this chocolate. Sadly, the chocolate isn’t vegan so I won’t be eating that myself, but I am sure that my friends will not turn their nose up to it! On the other hand, this cute lip balm is my favourite. I never normally shy away from Lush lipbalms because I know where I stand with those, but I definitely will try this one out!

I know you’re probably wondering, when do I get this box? What if it arrives late and I’m without period stuff?! You just tell them when your cycle usually is and they send you a box just in time! So they are perfect on that front!

Like I said earlier, the boxes stand out at £12.99 per month which is such a good deal! I truly do recommend this subscription service to anyone who has kids who have just got their period or anyone who just wants a treat! It’s so versatile so anyone can pretty much use it.

I hope you have a lovely rest of the day and I’ll speak to you on my next post!


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* This post contains PR samples I was kindly gifted for the purpose of review. However, all opinions are still my own!

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28 thoughts on “The Perfect Teen Period Subscription Box!*

  1. Great post. There needs to be more no limits on subjects like this. I am of the age I don’t need this and no longer have a teenage daughter as she’s now 27 but I wish there was this when she was a teenager. What a wonderful subscription service. I will be mentioning it to people. Thank you

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  2. Thanks for sharing this … it’s dead cute and pretty 🌸
    I must share a funny (but not funny) tale. Yesterday, we, my 19 yr old daughter and I, had to pop into the nearest shop for quick supplies (coffee for me and panty pads for her) … so a Waitrose looms on the roundabout and we park and go in. Daughter walks off one way – this is a nearly 20 full-time working/living in London daughter ok – and I go the other. I spend ages locating nespresso capsules and can’t decide on flavour for new Christmas purchased machine and give up.
    I locate daughter at self-service check out, red in the face as beetroot and near to tears. An older female member of staff is clearly having some altercation with her. I force the protective mummy instinct back in its box (nothing worse for a teenager than interfering mother 🤣) and merelu appear on the scene and smile at the staff.
    “I haven’t for any ID and she won’t let me buy these.” Indicates inside bag to an innocent looking box of sanitary pads.
    “Does she need ID?” I calmly ask.
    “You need to be 16 to buy them from here apparently.” daughter’s voice waivering …
    Are you having a laugh???? I think, but manage not to say out loud 👌🏼
    “I’d like some ID” says she trained lady, as if my daughter is buying a bottle of gin (to which she would also be entitled as she is 19).
    “I would like to buy them for me now thank you.” I take a step inbetween them, my blood simmering and somebody ought not to turn the dial up.
    The staff shuffled away and daughter managed to maintain dignity until we left the building…

    Have you ever heard of such a rule elsewhere?????
    Astonishing. 🌸

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    1. What??? Never heard that in my life!! They can’t be serious surely?! I’m genuinely shocked. Have to be 16 to buy period products when you can start your period as little as 11 or even younger! That’s so ridiculous

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      1. Exactly!
        I really felt for my daughter but less because she was related and more because she was a young girl going about her private business, attempting to pay for her product. Imagine had I not been there? Imagine any other younger teen there that day alone. How ridiculous… xx


  3. I’m so glad that people are talking more openly about periods now. I remember when I was at school that girls were actively shamed by the boys in our year group for starting their periods and we would all go to such lengths to make sure that nobody would work out whether we were on ours because we would be endlessly harassed about it if we were. Seems so ridiculous/childish now but at the time it was a real stress for all the girls in my year group.

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    1. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by boys who don’t care. My family don’t really mind period talk and neither do my friends. It’s quite comforting and I couldn’t quite imagine how shit it would be being surrounded by people who took the mick!


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